PAL Award

All-Stars for 4-Stars

Philippine Airlines is the Full-Service National Carrier of the Philippines that represents the Best of the Country and the Best of the Filipino People. And today, Philippine Airlines becomes a global 4-Star airline. Thanks to the many men and women who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

Amidst a modernized fleet of aircraft, facility upgrades and product offerings, Philippine Airlines’ greatest asset is actually its people. Our people are what differentiates us the most from other airlines.

Key to achieving PAL’s 4-Star Ambition are the Ground and Inflight crew who embody our Service Culture of Buong-Pusong Alaga (Whole-hearted Service).

The customer-facing staff are ably supported by various departments in the back office. These are the unseen heroes who work behind the scenes to ensure the cabin is clean, the newspapers are delivered, the signage are produced and installed, the flight is on time ,etc.

Get that Star!

PAL created the Get that Star! Program in 2016 to deliver all service enhancements and product innovations needed to achieve a 4-Star rating by end 2017 and 5-Star by 2020.

The Get that Star Council, led by GTS Pilot Mr Jaime Bautista and GTS Co-Pilot Mr. Bonifacio Sam, provided the needed resources to ensure success.

The GTS Council is also composed of EVP and Chief Administrative Officer Stewart Lim, SVP for Operations Ismael Augusto Gozon, SVP for Corporate Planning Angelito Alvarez, SVP and Chief Legal Counsel Siegfred Mison, Chief Financial Officer Marianne Raymundo, Chief Commercial Group Advisor Bernard Francis, and Special Assistant to the Chairman and CEO and author of Get that Star! Program Emilio Yu.

The GTS Core Team is a multifunctional team tasked to work on all identified gaps and achieve a 4Star rating across all customer and service areas. Members come from Inflight and Airport Operations, Product Research & Development, Aircraft Engineering, Training and Customer Experience. Each Core Team member also serves as a co-auditor, ensuring all implemented enhancements are sustained and applied consistently across all routes, airports, and times of travel.

Leading the GTS Core Team is PAL Chief Customer Experience Officer Jessica ‘Isca’ Abaya. Isca Abaya led the creation of the GTS two-year Strategic roadmap of initiatives which transformed PAL’s products and services across different functions. Assisting her is a dedicated GTS Team composed of Program Manager Jeremiah Juliano and Program Officers Jill Noreen Legaspi and Denise Recomono. The dedicated GTS Team liaised with Skytrax for audits and action plans, monitored the progress of all initiatives through a dashboard composed of key customer and operational metrics, helped implement needed interventions, facilitated decision making and kept the entire organization engaged.

Buong-Pusong Alaga

To deliver our Service Aspiration of a Heartwarming Filipino Travel Experience, Philippine Airlines created stronger employee engagement and frontliner service training programs. Through these training programs, our Frontliners learned five service attributes that guide our behavior – Magaling (Efficient and Skillful), Maaasahan (Reliable and Trusted), Maalaga (Caring and Hospitable), Magalang (Polite), and Malambing. Our Frontliners continue to exhibit these attributes in their daily interactions to build stronger ties with Customers and to endear PAL to many.

The Get that Star! Program brought the best in PAL, making it a true 4-Star Global Airline celebrating the Heart of the Filipino.

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