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The Man Behind PAL's 4-Stars

What does it mean to be a 4-Star Certified Airline?

It’s a cause for a big celebration. It means that Philippine Airlines is now recognized as a globally competitive airline, meeting high quality service standards.

It is also a big victory for the Philippines as a country. It is the latest proof of something we’ve known in our hearts all along — that we, the Filipino people, can produce world-class achievements and offer world-class products. It is evidence that the Philippines is a player in a global economy that relies on efficient air transportation to advance commerce and tourism and all kinds of social connections.

But 4-Star Certification is also a challenge for all of us in PAL. We must ensure consistency in our products and our services, and that takes constant effort. We have to sustain all our gains and constantly keep improving. This 4-Star recognition is a journey, not a destination, and we must keep moving forward.

"It is the latest proof of something we’ve known in our hearts all along ---- that we, the Filipino people, can produce world-class achievements and offer world-class products."

Who gets the credit for this achievement?

These four shining stars are a vindication of more than two years of concerted teamwork and patient investment on the part of the entire Philippine Airlines family.

Most of all, I am proud of our PAL people --- from our all-Filipino crew of pilots and cabin staff to all the PAL front-liners who deliver what we call “Buong Pusong Alaga” service, caring for our passengers in our own uniquely Filipino way.

But equally, I am proud of all the PAL employees in the back offices, in the field, in the hangars, on the ground, servicing the aircraft, in control centers and cargo warehouses, many of them unseen but very much alive in all the corners of PAL’s global operation. They also came up with the ideas and innovations, worked hard to drive change and develop a culture of transformation. Every day they give heart and soul to make PAL more efficient, more caring, more competitive and more dynamic. This is as much their victory as anyone else.

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What makes you 4-Star? What does it mean for PAL’s customers?

Our 4-Star Certification recognizes PAL’s top-to-bottom transformation from small-sized regional actor to a more global player. We hope that our customers will feel this in every aspect of our service, in the overall experience of flying with PAL.

That means we will continue to introduce new aircraft. Our fleet is already one of the world’s youngest, but it will grow younger still as we take in new Airbus A350s, A321 NEOs and Bombardier Q400s over the next two years.

We are raising the standards for our Business Class, Economy and our new Premium Economy cabins, now rolling out in more of our aircraft. We are supporting the on-board experience with improved on-ground services and procedures.

We will continue to build up our new hub gateways in Clark, Cebu and Davao. Our network will evolve from the traditional Manila-centric model, with more domestic and international routes out of the Philippines’ other gateways.

And we helping to shrink the world with more direct flights from the Philippines. Only PAL flies nonstop from Manila to London, Toronto, New Zealand, Hawaii and California. Soon we will fly nonstop to Brisbane and eventually to New York.

How do you continue the improvements that have gotten you this far?

The introduction of new seats, cabins and inflight entertainment systems is an ongoing process; we have to phase these in over the coming years for all our long-haul aircraft. We are building new lounges and renovating others – including an all-new two-level Mabuhay Lounge at NAIA Terminal 2 that is expected to open by mid-year 2018. More innovations are in the pipeline.

We have to constantly take stock of our progress, listen to the valuable feedback from our customers, and prod ourselves to get better. Indeed, this is a continuing journey, and we invite our passengers to join us --- for in the end, this is all about delighting our customers, and we are honored to serve them every day as the only 4-Star Filipino airline.

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