AliPay is an escrow service that protects your payments when buying online. With Alipay, your payment is only released to the seller after you complete booking creation and have successfully processed payment by inputting your (Alipay) payment details.  Pay securely using your credit card or account without exposing your details. Alipay.com is a third-party online payment platfom from the Alibaba Group, providing safe and secure online transactions.


How can I pay with Alipay?

You need to have an Alipay account with sufficient amount for you to make a purchase using Alipay. Once you have completed the booking process and you reach the payment page, you can select Alipay as form of payment. You will be directed to the Alipay website so you can login with your username and password. If you are using Chrome as your internet browser, you will also be required to input check-sum (pin).


Why am I unable to input my password?

You should have the Alipay security control installed to be able to complete login. Here is the link: https://d.alipayobjects.com/sec/edit/aliedit.exe


How do I make sure that the transaction was processed?

You will receive a confirmation/itinerary receipt when the purchase is made to confirm the payment has been made and the transaction was completed.


What should I do if I have not received the confirmation/itinerary receipt?

You should contact Alipay customer service. If there is a problem with the payment, you should be able to receive a payment timeout notification in your email.


Why am I getting a timeout response?

You are getting a timeout response because our payment gateway was unable to complete the payment

transaction. It could be because you have been inactive on the page for a long time, the transaction was discontinued or abandoned or because of network or power failure.


What do I need to do when I get a timeout response?

You need to contact Alipay to confirm if the transaction was not charged to your account. If the transaction was not charged, you will need to create another booking.


What is the currency that will be charged to my account?

All transactions paid using Alipay will be charged in CNY using Wallstreet's day of transaction rate



Can I pay with my Alipay account for my airfare at the PAL Ticket Office?

No. Alipay is only accepted in the PAL website (both English and Chinese) and in the China Contact Center.


Can I pay with my Alipay account for the airport baggage or excess baggage fees?



For more information, please visit ALIPAY