AliPay is an escrow service that protects your payments when buying online. With Alipay, your payment is only released to the seller after you complete booking creation and have successfully processed payment by inputting your (Alipay) payment details.
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Minimum Connecting Time
Minimum Connecting time is the amount of transfer time, agreed in advance between airlines and airport authorities, that is considered sufficient for a passenger to make a connection between an arriving flight and a departing flight.
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Multi-Destination involves an itinerary with more than two destination cities. Our new online booking facility will allow you to book a maximum of six flight destination for international routes or a combination of international and domestic routes.
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Online Check-In
Online check-in is the process of confirming one’s presence on a flight via the Internet. This online feature allows passengers to check-in and select their preferred seating before arriving the airport.
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PAL Native Mobile App
PAL Native Mobile App is an additional platform that will enable users to search and book flights, add prepaid bags, opt for OFW tax exemption and check-in using their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.
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