On Purchasing Miles
Q. Can I purchase Miles to add to my personal account?

A. Yes. You can do this by availing of the Mabuhay Top Up Miles feature.

Q. Can I purchase Miles to give to another person? 

A. Yes, as long as your beneficiary is already a member of Mabuhay Miles. This is called the Mabuhay Gift Miles feature.

Q. How do I purchase Miles?

A. Simply accomplish the Buy Miles Request Form and proceed to any Philippine Airlines ticket office with your payment. You may also call our Mabuhay Miles hotline for this transaction.

Q. Can I purchase Miles even without an award booking?

A. You need to have a confirmed award booking prior to buying Miles, as these must be used for immediate redemption.

Q. How many Miles may be purchased for each request? Is there a limit?

A. Miles may be purchased in increments of 1,000 Miles. A member may purchase a maximum of 150,000 Miles per calendar year.

Q. I don't have Miles yet, can I purchase Miles to cover my whole itinerary?

A. You need to have at least 50% of the Miles required for your itinerary to avail of Buy Miles. For example, a Manila-Tokyo-Manila standard Economy route requires 29,000 Miles; you need to have at least 14,500 Miles.

Q. How soon are the purchased Miles credited to a Mabuhay Miles account?

A. The Miles shall be credited to the Member's account after the payment is made.  

(As of 04 April 2022)