Travel Credits

Travel Credits


1.Only valid Philippine Airlines ("PAL") and its partner Travel Agent issued (a) Tickets; and/or(b) myPAL Travel Boost (which myPAL Travel Boosts are affected by flight disruptions) are eligible for Travel Credits conversion. Philippine Airlines issued Travel Voucher is also eligible for Travel Credits conversion.

2.Non-revenue tickets, Agent discount tickets, Award tickets, Non-refundable PAL and partner Travel Agent issued tickets and Ticket/s or myPAL Travel Boost paid for using invoices are not eligible for Travel Credits conversion. However, Non-refundable PAL and Travel Agent issued tickets may be converted to Travel Credits, but only in the event of flight disruptions.


3. Tickets with other airline (OAL) segments, operated and marketed by PR and/or OAL carrier/s may be converted into Travel Credits, provided document is totally unused. A partially used PR issued with other airline carrier (OAL) document shall no longer be qualified to be converted into an e-credit.            

4. Re-issued tickets may also be converted into a Travel Credit.

5.Conversion must be done within Ticket, Travel Voucher, or myPAL Travel Boost validity period only.

6. Only the unused value of eligible Tickets, Travel Voucher, or myPAL Travel Boosts  may be converted to Travel Credits, less applicable penalties. The ticketing service charge is non-refundable or non-convertible to Travel Credits except for totally unused domestic tickets issued starting March 01, 2021. 

7. A five percent (5%) bonus incentive shall be applicable to the unused value of the eligible Tickets and myPAL Travel Boosts that are requested for conversion into Travel Credits from January 26, 2022 until March 15, 2022. Travel Vouchers converted to Travel Credits are not eligible to the 5% bonus incentive.

8. Conversion of eligible Tickets, Travel Vouchers, and/or myPAL Travel Boosts into Travel Credits shall be subject to the Ticket and myPAL Travel Boosts fare conditions.

 (a) Non-refundable Tickets are not convertible to Travel Credits in the event of non-use of the ticket for whatever reason, except in cases of involuntary flight disruptions.


(b) Eligible Tickets converted to Travel Credits may be subject to applicable fees (E.g. Refund Service Fee, No-Show Fee, etc.) depending on the tickets’ fare conditions and on the time request for conversion is made, as follows:


(i) Request is made more than ten (10) days before the flight date –

Refund and No-Show Fees will not be applied. 


        E.g. Flight Date – 12 Jan 2022

Request must be made at the latest, on 1 Jan 2022 (more than 10 days   before 12 Jan 2022), or earlier than 1 Jan 2022.



(ii) Request is made within or less than ten (10) days before the flight, or is made after the flight -  Refund, No-show, and other fees will be deducted from the refundable amount or unused ticket value as applicable, prior to voucher conversion.


                              E.g. Flight Date – 12 Jan 2022

                              Request made on 2 Jan 2022 – (within 10 days before 12 Jan 2022)

                       Request made from 3 Jan-11 Jan 2022 (less than 10 days before 12 Jan 2022)


(c) myPAL Travel Boosts being non-refundable, may only be converted to Travel Credits in cases of involuntary flight disruptions. myPAL Travel Boosts that are voluntarily not used by the passenger shall not be eligible for Travel Credits conversion. 

9. Travel Credits shall be valid for two (2) years from the date of issuance. Travel Credits may have differences in validity periods depending on their actual dates of conversion from the eligible Ticket, Travel Voucher and/or myPAL Travel Boosts.

10. The Travel Credits conversion requests can be processed through the following channels:

     (a)       my PAL Request Hub (

     (b)       PAL Ticket Office

     (c)       Manila PAL Reservations Hotline (632) 8855-8888

                         US/CANADA TOLLFREE HOTLINES: 1-800-I-FLY-PAL OR 1-800-435-9725


11. Tickets, Travel Voucher, and/or myPAL Travel Boost having a foreign currency may be processed into Travel Credits using the processing office’s local currency. The processing local office shall use the prevailing airline rate of exchange at the time of conversion of the Ticket, Travel Voucher, and/or myPAL Travel Boost into Travel Credits.

12. Travel Credits, in their issued currency, may not be converted to a different currency once issued.

13. Once eligible Tickets, Travel Vouchers, and/or myPAL Travel Boost are converted into Travel Credits, the purchase amount of the Tickets, Travel Vouchers, and/or myPAL Travel Boost may not be refunded into its original form of payment used.

14. Travel Credits balance may be checked through
15. Travel Credit is applicable for use only on any Philippine Airlines operated flights and has no cabin class restriction. Travel Credits may be used to pay for any the following:

(a)   PAL Ticket/s;

(b)   myPAL Travel Boost (except for PAL Gift Card, myPAL Travel Insurance, Award Ticket, Industry Discount, and Agent Discount ticket).

(c)   PAL Ticket Fees (Rebooking, Non-user’s fee, etc.).

16. Discounts on ticket value are applicable as required by law.

17. The currency of your Travel Credits should match the price currency of the Ticket/s and/or myPAL Travel Boost that you will purchase.

18. Travel Credits are non-transferable.     

19. Travel Credits may be used to purchase tickets and/or myPAL Travel Boost of the TC owner. This may also be redeemed for one or more traveling companion/s provided that:

The travelling companion/s share the same itinerary and Passenger Name Record with the Travel Credits owner; and 
         b. all Tickets must be issued at the same time.

20. Ticket and/or myPAL Travel Boost redemption (except for PAL Gift Card, myPAL Travel Insurance, Award Ticket, Industry Discount, and Agent Discount ticket), using Travel Credits, can be processed through the following channels:


    (b)        PAL Ticket office

    (c)        PAL Reservations Hotline (632) 8855-8888


Payment for fees (Rebooking, Non-user’s fee, etc.) using Travel Credits may be processed through any PAL Ticket Office or PAL Reservations Hotline.

21.Travel Credits may be spent in increments until the total amount is fully used. The amount of the Travel Credits will be updated with the remaining balance and will be valid under the same terms. For passengers holding multiple Travel Credits, validity may differ depending on the conversion date. 
22. A maximum of two (2) forms of payment may be allowed in purchasing a ticket and/or myPAL Travel Boost.

You may use the following to pay for your Ticket and/or myPAL Travel Boost in full:

(a) a combination of two (2) Travel Credits; or

(b) one (1) Travel Credits plus a top-up payment via PAL Gift Card, cash, credit card, OR other payment channels. For Dragonpay and Paymaya option, currency accepted is PHP only.

23. All Tickets issued using travel credits may be re-booked or re-issued subject to the fare conditions of the ticket. 

24.Travel credits that were converted from a PAL issued ticket together with a Ticket from Other Airline may only be used to purchase a ticket and myPAL Travel Boost with PAL.
At Conversion Stage:

25. When Eligible Tickets/myPAL Travel Boost are Converted to Travel Credits - Travel Credits are non-refundable and non-convertible to the original form of payment (cash or credit card) used in purchasing the Ticket and/or myPAL Travel Boost regardless of the original fare conditions of said Ticket and/or Travel Extras, except where required by law or regulation.

At Redemption Stage:

26. When Travel Credits are used in Purchasing Tickets/myPAL Travel Boost and the Tickets/myPAL Travel Boost are Unused-

(a) In cases when eligible Ticket/s purchased using Travel Credits are unused, the total unused and refundable amount of said Ticket/s will be credited back as Travel Credits only, regardless of the original form of payment used in purchasing the said Ticket provided the Travel Credits is still valid. In the event of expiry of Travel Credits, passenger may opt to rebook or reroute ticket, subject to applicable fees and penalties as per the ticket fare conditions and payment of fare difference, if applicable.

(b) When Eligible Tickets/myPAL Travel Boost are paid using multiple payment modes (e.g., Travel Credits and Cash, Travel Credits and Credit Card, or Travel Credits and PAL Gift Card), the refund will be credited back to its original form of payment unless otherwise specified by Refund Conditions, subject to applicable fees and penalties as per the ticket fare conditions.  (E.g. A ticket paid for using Travel Credits and Cash will be correspondingly refunded as Travel Credits and Cash.)

(c) Non-refundable tickets and myPAL Travel Boost may no longer be credited back as Travel Credits except in cases of flight disruptions.  Passenger may opt to rebook or reroute ticket, subject to applicable fees and penalties as per the ticket fare conditions and payment of fare difference, if applicable. 

27. Philippine Airlines reserves the absolute right to remove any PR Travel Credits converted incorrectly or not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

28. Philippine Airlines shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any disruption during the Travel Credits transaction, whether due to technical problems or otherwise, which is beyond its reasonable control. In any disruption, reasonable effort shall be used to remedy the disruption and resume the purchased product transaction on a fair and equitable basis.

29. Philippine Airlines reserves the absolute right to cancel, terminate or suspend the usage of PR Travel Credits without prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, any cancellation, termination, or suspension by Philippine Airlines shall not entitle the individual making the purchase or any enrich member to any claim or compensation against Philippine Airlines, its agents, and employees for any and all losses or damages and any consequential damages thereof suffered or incurred as a direct or an indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension thereof.

30. Any Personal Data which will be gathered under this transaction will be processed in accordance with the following: 
  • PAL’s Data Privacy Policy which may be viewed at
  • The Data privacy Act of the Philippines;
  • The acceptable carrier’s privacy policy for flights operated by our partners; and
  • Other relevant data privacy laws, rules, and regulations.