myPALupgrade Terms and Conditions

myPALupgrade Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to all submission of offers (“Offer”) made by a passenger or his/her representative to Philippine Airlines (“PAL”) under myPALupgrade program.  An Offer provides the Passenger(s) an opportunity to upgrade from the class of service as reflected on the revenue ticket, to a higher class of service.


1. Tickets must be issued using Philippine Airlines document on 079.

2. Any person who submits an Offer is deemed to have been authorized by the Passenger(s) for whom the Offer is being made. Consequently, the Passenger(s) shall be bound by these Terms and Conditions. PAL may or may not require any proof of such authorization. 

3. Passengers holding the following tickets are not eligible for myPALupgrade:

a. Award tickets of any and all frequent flyer programs;

b. Denied boarding tickets;

c. ID/AD tickets;

d. Unaccompanied minor;

e. Bookings with 10 or more passengers under one (1) Booking Reference or Record Locator;

f. Bookings with one or more of the passengers on Medical Case (“MEDA”);

g. Bookings with Infant;

h. Codeshare flights except those codeshare with and/or operated by PAL express flights or Air Philippines Corp.;

i. Charter flights except as otherwise identified by PAL;

j. And all other non-revenue tickets

4. myPALupgrade may be availed only on specific flights, destinations, and/or travel dates as may be identified by PAL at its sole and absolute discretion (“Eligible Flight”).

5. Passenger or his/her representative can make an Offer by:

a. following the link provided in an email inviting the Passenger to make an Offer for an Upgrade; or

b. following the immediate invitation on the booking confirmation page after an online booking has been made; or

c. visiting the myPAL Upgrade website and check their  eligibility by entering the airline (PR) Booking Reference and passenger’s last name in the fields provided.

6. PAL has the right to determine eligibility for the upgrade at its sole and absolute discretion.  PAL is under no obligation to accept an Offer and makes no guarantee that any Passenger(s) will be upgraded.

7. A passenger or his/her representative may only submit one (1) Offer for each Eligible Flight up to thirty six (36) hours prior to flight departure time. An Offer may be modified or cancelled up to thirty six (36) hours prior to flight departure time provided that the Offer has not been accepted by PAL and the Passenger’s or his/her representative’s credit card has not been charged.

The airline (PR)  Booking Reference of Record Locator must be provided by the passenger or his/her representative to submit, modify or cancel and Offer.  

8. The Passenger or his/her representative will be required to provide credit card details upon submission of the Offer. The payment for the upgrade shall be charged automatically once the Offer is accepted. Each Offer can only be paid using a single credit card. To verify that the credit card provided is active, an authorization hold amount of one (1) US Dollar or its equivalent in Peso, shall be placed on the card account. The authorization hold amount is not a charge and will not appear on the cardholder’s billing statement. If accepted, the Offer plus any applicable fees and/or charges will appear as “Phil Airlines Upgrade” in the Passenger’s or his/her representative’s statement of account.

9. If more than one passenger exist in the airline (PR) Booking Reference or Record Locator, the Offer applies to all Passengers as reflected on said booking. The Offer for the upgrade is addition to the original ticket price, on a per passenger basis, applicable to both adult and child Passenger(s).

10. Acceptance by PAL of an Offer may be made anytime up to twenty four (24) hours prior to flight departure. No modification or cancellation may be made by the passenger or his/her representative once an Offer has been accepted.

11. A notification of “Successful Upgrade” will be sent through the Passenger’s or his/her representative’s email address not later than twenty four (24) hours prior to flight departure. The notification shall reflect the total Offer which includes the Offer Amount and all additional taxes and fees, if applicable.

12. Passenger(s) whose Offer is not accepted will receive a notification of “Unsuccessful Upgrade” through the Passenger’s or his/her representative’s email address not later than twenty four (24) hours prior to flight departure.

13. Upon acceptance of the Offer, myPAL Upgrade Passenger(s) may be eligible to the services and benefits corresponding to the class for which the Offer was accepted, provided, the services and benefits shall only be applicable to the flight for which the Offer has been accepted.

14. In the event of a change in the flight for which an Offer has been made but not yet accepted by PAL, the Offer shall be invalidated and will no longer be considered for acceptance.

15. myPALupgrade is strictly non-transferable and non-endorsable.

16. The Offer paid is non-refundable, except for cases as may be determined by PAL in accordance with its General Conditions of Carriage, applicable laws, rules and regulations.

17. In case the Passenger(s) voluntarily rebooks or refunds his/her flight, the amount paid for the upgrade shall be forfeited.

18. A Passenger(s) eligible for a refund agrees to submit the following proof of travel for the flight in question through

- Boarding Pass; and

- Confirmation Email of Successful Upgrade

19. Should any refund be approved, it will be processed in the currency in which the Upgrade amount was charged and to the credit card that was used to pay for the Upgrade. Any and all charges associated with the refund, such as but not limited to bank fees and foreign exchange losses, shall be for account of the Passenger(s).

20. The fare conditions of the original ticket purchased by the Passenger(s) shall remain in effect whether or not the Offer is accepted. 

21. Paid Choice Seats shall be forfeited once the Offer has been accepted.

22. Prepaid Baggage purchased prior to acceptance of the Offer may be carried over to the upgraded flight segment.

23. myPALupgrade Passengers shall be entitled to full Economy Class mileage accrual.

24. PAL reserves the right to modify and otherwise change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, subject to applicable laws, rules and regulations. These Terms and Conditions shall be read in conjunction with PAL's General Conditions of Carriage, Disclaimer, Mabuhay Miles Terms and Conditions, Data Privacy & Security Policy, Online Booking Terms and Conditions, and other applicable laws, rules and regulations.


By making an Offer to myPALupgrade, passenger(s) acknowledges, understands, and accepts the full Terms and Conditions of the program.