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Flight Cancellations for January 13 to 24, 2022

09 Jan 2022



UPDATE as of 12 January 2022 10:00 PM


Flight Cancellations for January 13 to 24, 2022


Dear PAL passengers:


We continue to experience challenges in sustaining full operations because an increasing number of our frontline and support personnel are unable to report for work due to precautionary quarantine or self-isolation requirements.  


We are taking the precaution of cancelling a number of PAL flights, even as our PAL teams do all we can to maintain as many other flights as possible, process all passenger requests and relieve the longer call waiting times and ticket office queues.  We are also compelled to cancel some international flights to comply with newly reduced limits to the daily number of passenger arrivals allowed at Manila airport by the Philippine government authorities.  


We request your kind understanding as we cope with these temporary challenges.


The following DOMESTIC flights have been cancelled:    


13-Jan PR 1835/1880, PR 1847/1848, PR 2861/2862, PR 1849/1850 and PR 1853/1854 Manila-Cebu-Manila

13-Jan PR 2037/2038 and PR 2045/2046 Manila-Caticlan-Manila

13-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila

13-Jan PR 2987/2988 Manila-Tacloban-Manila

13-Jan PR 2957/2958 and PR 2959/2960 Manila-Cotabato-Manila

13-Jan PR 2529/2530, PR 1525/1526 and PR 2519/2520 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila

13-Jan PR 2921/2922 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

13-Jan PR 1815/1816 and PR 1813/1814 Manila-Davao-Manila

13-Jan PR 1141/1142 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

13-Jan PR 2545/2546 and PR 2543/2544 Manila-Dumaguete-Manila

13-Jan PR 2557/2558 Manila-Dipolog-Manila

13-Jan PR 2938/2939 Manila-Butuan-Manila

13-Jan PR 2781/2782 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila

13-Jan PR 453/454 Manila-General Santos-Manila


14-Jan PR 2037/2038, PR 2045/2046 and PR 2047/2048 Manila-Caticlan-Manila

14-Jan PR 2519/2520, PR 1525/1526 and PR 2529/2530 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila

14-Jan PR 2861/2862, PR 1849/1850, PR 1853/1854 and PR 1847/1848 Manila-Cebu-Manila

14-Jan PR 2921/2922, PR 2923/2924 and PR 2919/2920 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

14-Jan PR 2985/2986 and PR 2987/2988 Manila-Tacloban-Manila

14-Jan PR 1815/1816 and PR 1809/1810 Manila-Davao-Manila

14-Jan PR 1141/1142 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

14-Jan PR 2783/2784 Manila-Pagadian-Manila

14-Jan PR 2777/2778 Manila-Tagbilaran (Panglao)-Manila

14-Jan PR 2969/2970 Manila-Kalibo-Manila

14-Jan PR 2963/2964 and PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila

14-Jan PR 2889/2890 Manila-Ozamiz-Manila

14-Jan PR 2205/2206 Manila-Roxas-Manila

14-Jan PR 2934/2935 Manila-Butuan-Manila


15-Jan PR 1835/1880, PR 2861/2862, PR 1849/1850 and PR 1853/1854 Manila-Cebu-Manila

15-Jan PR 2037/2038, PR 2045/2046 and PR 2047/2048 Manila-Caticlan-Manila

15-Jan PR 2529/2530 and PR 1525/1526 and PR 2519/2520 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila

15-Jan PR 2921/2922, PR 2923/2924 and PR 2919/2920 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

15-Jan PR 2957/2958 Manila-Cotabato-Manila

15-Jan PR 2965/2966 and PR 2963/2964 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila

15-Jan PR 1815/1816 Manila-Davao-Manila

15-Jan PR 1141/1142 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

15-Jan PR 2891/2982 Manila-Tacloban-Manila

15-Jan PR 2557/2558 Manila-Dipolog-Manila

15-Jan PR 2545/2546 Manila-Dumaguete-Manila

15-Jan PR 2938/2939 Manila-Butuan-Manila

15-Jan PR 2969/2970 Manila-Kalibo-Manila

15-Jan PR 2936/2937 Manila-Basco-Manila

15-Jan PR 2889/2890 Manila-Ozamiz-Manila


16-Jan PR 1835/1880, PR 2861/2862, PR 1847/1848 and PR 1853/1854 Manila-Cebu-Manila

16-Jan PR 2965/2966 and PR 2963/2964 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila

16-Jan PR 2773/2774 Manila-Tagbilaran (Panglao)-Manila

16-Jan PR 2938/2939 Manila-Butuan-Manila

16-Jan PR 2037/2038, PR 2045/2046 and PR 2047/2048 Manila-Caticlan-Manila

16-Jan PR 2519/2520 and PR 2529/2530 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila

16-Jan PR 2921/2922 and PR 2923/2924 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

16-Jan PR 1819/1820 Manila-Davao-Manila

16-Jan PR 2129/2130 Manila-Bacolod-Manila

16-Jan PR 2987/2988 Manila-Tacloban-Manila

16-Jan PR 2781/2782 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila

16-Jan PR 2783/2784 Manila-Pagadian-Manila

16-Jan PR 2957/2958 Manila-Cotabato-Manila

16-Jan PR 2145/2146 Manila-Iloilo-Manila

16-Jan PR 2889/2890 Manila-Ozamiz-Manila


17-Jan PR 2773/2774 Manila-Tagbilaran (Panglao)-Manila

17-Jan PR 2938/2939 Manila-Butuan-Manila

17-Jan PR 2037/2038 Manila-Caticlan-Manila

17-Jan PR 2519/2520 and PR 2529/2530 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila

17-Jan PR 2921/2922 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

17-Jan PR 2135/2136 Manila-Bacolod-Manila

17-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila

17-Jan PR 1819/1820 Manila-Davao-Manila

17-Jan PR 1853/1854 and PR 1835/1880 Manila-Cebu-Manila


18-Jan PR 2773/2774 Manila-Tagbilaran (Panglao)-Manila

18-Jan PR 2938/2939 Manila-Butuan-Manila

18-Jan PR 2037/2038 Manila-Caticlan-Manila

18-Jan PR 2519/2520 and PR 2529/2530 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila

18-Jan PR 2921/2922 Manila-Legazpi-Manila

18-Jan PR 2135/2136 Manila-Bacolod-Manila

18-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila

18-Jan PR 2957/2958 Manila-Cotabato-Manila

18-Jan PR 2985/2986 Manila-Tacloban-Manila

18-Jan PR 2236/2237 Cebu-Tacloban-Cebu

18-Jan PR 1819/1820 Manila-Davao-Manila

18-Jan PR 1847/1848 and PR 1853/1854 Manila-Cebu-Manila

18-Jan PR 1781/1782 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila


The following INTERNATIONAL flights have been cancelled:


13-Jan PR 422/421 Manila-Tokyo Haneda-Manila

14-Jan PR 422/421 Manila-Tokyo Haneda-Manila

14-Jan PR 535 Manila-Jakarta

14-Jan PR 5654/5655 Manila-Riyadh-Manila

15-Jan PR 536 Jakarta-Manila

15-Jan PR 507/508 Manila-Singapore-Manila

15-Jan PR 890/891 Manila-Taipei-Manila

15-Jan PR 438/437 Manila-Nagoya-Manila

15-Jan PR 209 Manila-Melbourne

16-Jan PR 412/411 Manila-Osaka (Kansai)-Manila

16-Jan PR 301 Hong Kong-Manila

16-Jan PR 210 Melbourne-Manila

16-Jan PR 110 Manila-Guam

16-Jan PR 5654/5655 Manila-Riyadh-Manila

17-Jan PR 507/508 Manila-Singapore-Manila

17-Jan PR 438/437 Manila-Nagoya-Manila

17-Jan PR 426/425 Manila-Fukuoka-Manila

17-Jan PR 111 Guam-Manila

17-Jan PR 658/659 Manila-Dubai-Manila

18-Jan PR 5682/5683 Manila-Dammam-Manila

18-Jan PR 110 Manila-Guam

19-Jan PR 301 Hong Kong-Manila

19-Jan PR 412/411 Manila-Osaka (Kansai)-Manila

19-Jan PR 111 Guam-Manila

19-Jan PR 422/421 Manila-Tokyo (Haneda)-Manila

20-Jan PR 301 Hong Kong-Manila

20-Jan PR 422/421 Manila-Tokyo (Haneda)-Manila

21-Jan PR 301 Hong Kong-Manila

21-Jan PR 412/411 Manila-Osaka (Kansai)-Manila

21-Jan PR 507/508 Manila-Singapore-Manila

21-Jan PR 890/891 Manila-Taipei-Manila

21-Jan PR 438/437 Manila-Nagoya-Manila

21-Jan PR 535 Manila-Jakarta

22-Jan PR 890/891 Manila-Taipei-Manila

22-Jan PR 536 Jakarta-Manila

22-Jan PR 215/216 Manila-Port Moresby-Manila

23-Jan PR 684/684 Manila-Doha-Manila

24-Jan PR 658/659 Manila-Dubai-Manila

24-Jan PR 507/508 Manila-Singapore-Manila


This is a very fluid situation:  We may need to cancel more flights or make other operational adjustments in the coming days. Please continue to check flight status for any changes in your flight schedule.


Our PAL Medical team is actively monitoring the health and wellness of all employees - including our cabin crew and flight teams. PAL adopts and continuously updates strict health and safety protocols to protect all travelers, including full PPE for our cabin crew, aircraft cabin air flow systems that continuously infuse fresh air, and HEPA filters that screen out viruses and other contaminants, for a safer and cleaner environment.



Options for Passengers of Cancelled Flights


We sincerely regret the inconvenience this will cause to your travel plans. Your current tickets are safe and remain valid, and you may avail of the following options if your flight is cancelled:


  1. Convert your ticket to Travel Credits equivalent to the unused base fare of your ticket. Voucher validity is one year (1) year from date of issuance.


  2. Rebook or Reroute your ticket to another flight with available space within 60 days from the original flight in the same booking class or higher within the same cabin class.


  3. Refund ticket without penalties, excluding Ticketing Service Charge


You may request the above through our MyPAL Request Hub facility at https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/ph/home/covid-19/mypalhub.


You may access the online self-reaccommodation tool for flight rebooking. Click the Manage Booking Tab and then select the Flight Disruptions radio button in our homepage www.philippineairlines.com.


If your contact details are in our reservations records, you will be informed of the status of your flights via e-mail, telephone call or SMS/text.


Reminders as we adjust to service constraints:


We encourage you to:

  • use our MyPAL Request Hub for rebooking requests, queries and ticket transactions, rather than call our PAL customer hotline or visit our ticket offices (which are unable to fully accommodate the very high volume of calls and requests).
  • Please defer less urgent rebooking transactions related to travel within the next seven (7) days, so that we can reserve the customer hotline and ticket offices for the most urgent calls and transactions.  
  • If you purchased your ticket through a travel agent, please deal directly with your agent for any rebooking or ticketing transaction needs.


We are redirecting more personnel and resources to handle MyPAL Request Hub transactions where they are most needed to help us serve more passengers during this challenging time.

Our Metro Manila city ticket offices will be open only five (5) days a week, from Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 5 PM. However, our airport ticket offices at NAIA Terminal 2 (2 AM to 10 PM) and Terminal 3 (8 AM to 5 PM) will remain open on all days of the week; and our Domestic Airport Road ticket office in Pasay City will be open from Mondays to Saturdays.   

Please stay updated on changes in travel requirements by checking the website of the concerned provincial local government or destination country.


We sincerely apologize to our passengers and their families for ongoing inconveniences.




We greatly appreciate the dedication of our PAL personnel who are able to report for work and do their best to care for our customers despite these challenges. 


Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work with you and with our partner agents, government authorities and our PAL teams worldwide to make the best of a very challenging situation.   


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