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PAL Corporate Circle

Be one of the elite and join PAL Corporate Circle’s growing family of 2,000 top corporations in the industry. Registration is hassle-free. Simply accomplish the registration form and forward to PAL Corporate Sales for profiling. No set of qualifications and/or eligibility requirements are necessary. And as an added service, submission of the registration form automatically includes you to email blasts of the latest products and services of PAL. 

As a full-service carrier, PAL now has special promos and travel packages customized to companies with employees requiring frequent travel, either individually or as a group, and complemented by PAL's frequent flyer rewards program and world-class cabin service. 

The list of corporate clients continues to grow, indicating satisfaction with PAL's new concepts and product enhancements exclusively designed for frequent flying companies. 

To know more how your company can avail of the special corporate program, get in touch with the PAL Corporate Sales Team.

Other Programs

Corporate Tie-ups
We are very interested in tying-up with your company for a synergy event.

Educational Trips

Become one of our top producers and be rewarded with educational trips to one of our local or international destinations in coordination with our program partners.

Product Updates
Be updated with the latest in PAL’s products and services. More exciting programs await our top corporate clients so join PAL Corporate Circle now!

Corporate Account Codes
For us to have a tracking of your travel spend, each registrant will be uniquely assigned with a Corporate Account Code. This must always be inputted in the ticket for PAL to monitor your production and be able to provide you with the incentive you deserve.

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