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Last updated: PH Local Time,  August 4, 2022



Click to know your destination’s specific travel rules and requirements. Please make sure that you have the correct and have completed the required documents before you travel.

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Travel requirements are subject to change at short notice by the issuing government authority. As such, posting of the advisories below is not real-time and serve only as a guide. Please confirm your requirements directly with the offices/websites of your place of origin and destination.  All passengers are encouraged to follow the guide, register in advance and pre-book their hotels as necessary to avoid any inconvenience and experience faster processing upon arrival.

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Update your Contact Details while it’s not too late 

All passengers, especially those who booked through our Travel Agency partners, are required to provide updated contact information to avoid missing out on any important updates such as unwanted delays, cancellation and sudden travel rules and requirements of your destination. Here are the easy steps that you can follow: 

1. Go to '
Manage Booking'  
2. Input your Booking reference and Last Name to retrieve your booking 
3. Click 'Modify Travellers Details' 
4. Update your mobile number, email address and click 'Continue' 


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Health & Safety


Philippine Airlines and all its passengers shall strictly observe the following measures in all airport facilities and on board the aircraft to ensure everyone’s health and safety:

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      Wearing of face masks
  • Areas under Alert Level 4 and LGU’s mandating use of face shields:
    Required wearing of face shields
  • Areas under Alert Level 5 and granular lockdowns, and in areas under Enhanced Community Quarantine:
    Mandatory  wearing of face shields

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Enhanced health & safety protocols:

  • Temperature checks, use of foot baths, and disinfection/sanitation facilities.
  • Physical and Social Distancing, and minimum contact at all times within the airport premises and inside PAL shuttle buses. Seat Distancing shall be observed inflight depending on space availability. Family members and individuals travelling together as part of the same household may still choose to be seated together.
  • Mandatory public safety announcements before closing of doors and during flight for cabin and health security protocols.
  • Strict compliance on safety procedures in handling of (suspected) ill passengers on board, which include keeping the last three (3) rows of the plane vacant as isolation area.
  • Regular sanitation and disinfection of airline facilities and equipment, and in coordination with the airport authorities, all airport facilities and equipment, including lavatories, frequently touched surfaces, wheelchairs, trolleys, countertops, etc.

More Information


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Philippine Airlines may refuse to carry passengers who fail to comply with any applicable laws, rules, and government regulations of any country to be flown from, to or over.

Per PAL’s Conditions of Carriage, the passenger is solely responsible for verifying and complying with all applicable government laws/regulations of all destinations/countries to be flown from, to or through. PAL shall not be liable for the passenger’s failure to comply with said laws/regulations, or for any aid or information given here or by a PAL agent or employee in connection with said laws/regulations.

This page contains the travel rules and requirements for each province, city, or municipality in the Philippines. Please note that there may be multiple travel requirements for each destination on national and provincial levels. We would also like to remind passengers that these rules are subject to change by the issuing local government authority and are issued for passengers’ and the public’s safety. As these requirements may change at short notice, the advisories below are meant only as a guide. Please make sure that you have the correct and have completed the required documents before you travel.