Power Mac
Convert your InfinitePoint to Mabuhay Miles. 1 Inifinite Point is equivalent to 1 Mabuhay Miles

Power Mac Center - 1 Infinite

Power Mac Center (PMC) is a recognized Apple Premium Reseller and an Apple Authorized Service Provider in the Philippines.  With over 20 years of experience in the Apple business, Power Mac Center has become a reliable retail shop and service provider of Apple products to the Filipino consumer.

PMC has its own lifestyle rewards program, 1 Infinite, which Mabuhay Miles members can now convert their 1 Infinite points to Mabuhay Miles.

Miles Benefits:

Members may convert their 1 Infinite Point to Mabuhay Miles.  1 Infinite Point is equivalent to (1) one Mile.

Terms and Conditions:

1. 1 Infinite Card Member can check his/her point balance by texting BAL/CARD NUMBER to 0918 888 3883.

2. Member must fill out all the required fields at bit.ly/infinitemabuhaymiles to convert his/her 1 Infinite points.

3. There is a minimum of 500 1 Infinite Points for the point conversion to Mabuhay Miles.

4. Should the member have more than 500 points for the conversion, units must be incremental of 100's. (e.g. 600, 700, 800, 900)

5. Incremental of less than 100 is not allowed. (e.g. 501, 650, 799)

6. 1 Infinite Points will be deducted from the member's 1 Infinite account within 24 hours of request. Member shall receive an email notification from PMC.

7. Mabuhay Miles will be added to the member's Mabuhay Miles account within 7 business days of request.

8. For any concerns, members may send an email to pmc.marketing@powermaccenter.com.