Mabuhay Miles Account Security
Secure your Mabuhay Miles Account to enjoy your free flights and benefits

Keep your account safe

Why do I need to secure my account?
Your account security is our top priority. As we are rolling out the Online Redemption feature, your Mabuhay Miles username and password are your ticket to free flights and other benefits exclusive to you as a member. Don't let others steal your next FREE trip to your dream destination. Update your password to secure your account now.
How do I update my password?
Follow the steps below to log in and update your password:

1. Click on My Account Tab

2. Log in using your Mabuhay Miles account credentials

3. Upon log-in, click the Manage Password tab
Fill in the required fields

4. Click change password
Are there any guidelines in creating a password?
Below are some tips on how to create a strong and secure password:

1. Make your password easy to remember but hard to guess.
  • A strong password contains:
  •         *5 - 8 characters
            *Alphanumeric and special characters
            *Upper and lower case letters
  • Create a sentence or phrase and use the initial of each word to assemble.
  •           *Ex. "I started flying Philippine Airlines at the age of 2!" Password: IsfPR@2!

2. Keep your password unique and updated.
  • Use a unique password for every website or mobile app that you access.
  • Change your password regularly at least every 90 days or when you suspect your account is compromised.

3.Make sure your account is secure.
  • Do not share your password to anyone.
  • If you need to store it, keep it safe.
  • Avoid entering your password in public areas that may be using unsecured Wi-Fi connections such as Airports or Internet Cafes.
  • Log out from your online session when you have finished using the website