Staff Traveler's Dashboard

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What is the difference between the “Staff Listing” available in iFLY and the “Staff Traveler’s Dashboard”?

You can use the "Staff Listing" available in iFLY to check the information about the number of passengers waitlisted on the flight and their priority codes prior going to the airport. On the other hand, the "Staff Traveler's Dashboard" allows you to view the flight listing 4 hours before your departure. It captures all booked passengers with standby placements and displays rankings. This applies to travel perks bookings and bookings with similar priority codes and dates of joining, where a first-come-first-served basis is required.

How do I access the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard?

You may access the staff traveler’s dashboard in two ways: 

Who are eligible to access the Dashboard 

The Staff Traveler’s Dashboard is available for all staff travelers' bookings that are in a waitlisted status and have been placed on the standby list at the check-in counter. 

What do I need to provide to access the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard

You need to provide your last name, record locator, and boarding point. Please ensure that you have entered the correct booking details and that you are placed on the standby list. If you continue to experience issues, please check your information and try again or visit our standby counters for assistance. 

What is my boarding point? 

Your boarding point is the station which you select to get on the flight. 

Will I access the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard if I am placed on a standby for one segment, but I have duplicate boarding points? 

No, in order to access the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard, you must have only one boarding point per route before standby placement at the standby check-in counter. 

How can I delete/remove the other duplicate boarding points to access the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard

To delete the other duplicate boarding points and access the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard, you can request assistance from our voice and non-voice channel to retain your preferred flight. Visit our PAL Contact Us page to know more about the available channels. 

Will I be able to see the rankings of all my dependents, even if we are on separate bookings? 

No, the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard will only display the rankings of passengers on the same booking reference. To view the rankings of your dependents, you may refer to the iFLY tool to get your dependent’s booking reference.

Please ensure that you keep your booking reference confidential. 

How will I determine my/our exact rankings? 

Passenger rankings are indicated next to each passenger's name, based on the priority levels defined by the Staff Travel Policy. Please be aware that rankings may change without prior notice.

How can I determine if I'm likely to get a seat on my preferred flight? 

You can determine your chances of making it onto your flight by checking the cabin flight details. This portion will show you the total cabin capacity, total booked passengers, total accepted passengers, & total stand-by passengers. Please note that the 'Cabin Flight Load Details’ may change without prior notice.

If I have an immediate connecting flight, will I be able to access my rankings on my onward flights? 

You can only view your rankings for your onward flight if you have been placed on the standby list at the check-in counter. If you have not yet been placed on the standby list, you can check the ‘Staff Listing’ using the main iFLY tool. 

How to rebook if I find out that I will not be able to get a seat?

You can easily click the link to 'iFLY' and you will be redirected to the main page. From there, select the "Manage Leisure Booking" tab and choose the booking you wish to modify.


When can I be accepted for a flight? 

If the flight is wide open, Non-revenue passengers can be accepted already. 
If the flight is tight, Non-revenue passengers can be accepted after close counter and based on their priority levels. 


If the flight has already departed, can we still retrieve the booking? 

No, bookings are only accessible within 4 hours of your departure.

Can I view the name of the other waitlisted passengers? 

You can only see passenger names within your own booking. Rankings are displayed next to each name based on the Staff Travel Policy. Please be aware that this information may change without prior notice, and remember to keep your booking reference confidential.

Can I still view my ranking if I am already checked-in?

You can only access the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard within 4 hours of your departure. Once a booking has been accepted for check-in or the flight has departed, you will no longer be able to access the dashboard. 

What are the possible reasons why I can’t access the dashboard ?

Possible reasons why you are not able to retrieve your booking could be the following: 

  • unstable internet connection  
  • Incorrect/incomplete record locator, passenger last name, and boarding point 
  • not yet placed on the standby list at the check-in counter 
  • not within the four-hour flight bracket 
  • booking does not have staff indicator (STFS and STFD) 
  • has a confirmed ID50 booking, or already checked-in
  • Past dated flight  
  • The booking has duplicate boarding points 
  • system maintenance/down 

Can I still access the dashboard if the flight is delayed? 

Passengers who have been affected by flight delays, including creeping delays, will still have access to the dashboard up to 4 hours from the new estimated time of departure. It's important to note that the arrival time might be left blank as it will depend on the confirmed estimated time of departure. 


If I cannot access the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard , will it affect my passenger acceptance ranking? 
No, the Staff Traveler’s Dashboard will only provide passenger rankings based on the specified priority number and employee join date. Choosing not to access the dashboard will not impact your acceptance for the flight.

To report any concern related to the iFLY Priority Dashboard kindly reach us at: 

Self Service Portal: HC Self Service Portal