Travel Credits
Convert your ticket into a voucher and enjoy more benefits on your next travel
Last updated: PH Local Time, January 26, 2022
1. What is Travel Credit?

Travel Credit (TC) is an additional option where you can convert your unused Ticket/s or Travel Voucher/s to a fund that you may use for future purchase of Philippine Airlines Tickets and/or Travel Extras (except for PAL Gift Card, Travel Insurance, Award Tickets, Industry Discount, and Agent Discount Tickets). TCs may be used to pay for ticket fees (Rebooking, Non-user’s fee, etc.). Travel Extras are not eligible for Travel Credits conversion except in cases of involuntary flight disruptions.

2. What are the benefits of converting to Travel Credits instead of refunding?

Passengers who opt to convert to Travel Credits starting January 26, 2022 will enjoy the following:
2-year validity
5% bonus incentive (applicable for conversion requests received until March 15, 2022)
Refund penalty waiver for conversion requests sent more than 10 days before the flight
Credit sharing to travel companion in the same booking reference
Convenient redemption option via the PAL website
3. Will my Travel Credits expire?

Yes. Travel Credit is valid for (2) years from the time of issuance. You can spend it in increments, and the remaining balance will be available until the total amount is fully used or expired, whichever comes first.
Travel Credits issued prior January 26, 2022 may be extended to 2 years from issuance date upon passenger’s request.

4. Is the PAL Travel Credit the same as the PAL Travel Voucher?

The Travel Voucher and the Travel Credit are both offerings of Philippine Airlines for passengers who are uncertain of travel plans and would like to convert their unused tickets and/or Travel Extras to a travel fund.
Travel Vouchers were offered only until November 15, 2021. Effective November 16, 2021, Passengers who wish to convert the unused value of their ticket to a Travel Fund may enjoy the benefits of the PAL Travel Credits.

The Travel Credit gives you more flexibility to pay for your tickets and/or Travel Extras via the PAL website using the unique sixteen (16) digits and PIN code reflected on your confirmation email.


5. How can I convert my unused Ticket or Travel Voucher to Travel Credits? 

Your unused Philippine Airlines issued ticket, or Travel Voucher, can be converted through the following channels:

MyPAL Request Hub
PAL Ticket office
PAL Reservations hotline (632) 8855-8888

Award Tickets, Industry Discount, Agent Discount Tickets, Tickets paid for using invoices, and Travel Extras are not eligible for conversion to Travel Credit.

6. Can I convert the Travel Credit back to its original form of payment?

Once the Travel Credit is issued, except as required by law, Travel Credits are non-refundable and cannot be converted to its original form of payment (cash or credit card).

7. Will the currency of the Travel Credit follow the currency of my unused ticket or Travel Voucher?

Yes, as long as the processing office you have chosen supports the currency.

Your ticket or Travel Voucher having a foreign currency may also be processed into a Travel Credit using the processing office local currency. Local office shall use the prevailing airline rate of exchange in converting a ticket or Travel Voucher into a Travel Credit.

Please be reminded that once you convert your Ticket, Travel Voucher, and/or Travel Extras to TC, its value will not be converted to any currency and will be considered final.


8. Where can I redeem my Travel Credit?

You may use your Travel Credit either to purchase Tickets and/or Travel Extras (except for PAL Gift Card, Travel Insurance, Award Tickets, Industry Discount, and Agent Discount Tickets) or to pay for ticket fees (Rebooking, Non-user’s fee, etc.) at the following channels below:
PAL Mobile App
PAL Ticket office
PAL Reservations hotline (632) 8855-8888 


9. Can I use the Travel Credit to pay for any Mabuhay Miles transactions?  

TCs cannot be used to pay for any transaction with Mabuhay Miles.

10. Are tickets paid using Travel Credits entitled to earn Miles?

Yes. All Tickets regardless of form of payment may earn miles. The Mabuhay Miles Guidelines on earning miles will apply.

11. Can I use my Travel Credit to pay for another person’s ticket?    
This may be redeemed for one or more traveling companion/s provided that:

a.The travelling companion/s share the same itinerary and Passenger Name Record with the Travel Credits owner; and
b. all Tickets must be issued at the same time.

12. Are there any block out dates or flight dates where I cannot use the Travel Credit?

None. You may use the Travel Credit to purchase any available Philippine Airlines ticket at any time of the year.

13. Can I refund the ticket that is paid using the Travel Credit?       
This is subject to the fare conditions of the ticket purchased. The refundable unused value will be credited back into your TC account as long as it is valid. If other forms of payment were used to pay for one ticket, the standard refund procedures will follow unless otherwise specified by Refund Conditions. Refund service fee and no-show fee may be applicable. Non-refundable tickets may no longer be credited back as Travel Credits. 

Once the Travel Credits is expired you can no longer credit back the TC value in a ticket except for involuntary refund. Passenger may opt to rebook or reroute the ticket subject to fare rules and applicable fees.

14. Can I use multiple Credits in a single transaction?

Yes. A maximum of two (2) forms of payment are allowed in purchasing a Ticket/s and/or Travel Extras.

You may use the following to pay for your ticket and/or Travel Extras in full:

A combination of two (2) Travel Credits, or
One (1) Travel Credit plus a top-up payment via PR Gift Card, cash, credit card, or other payment channels. For Dragonpay and Paymaya option, currency accepted is PHP only.