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What does it take to be an airline frontliner?
Knowing the technical procedure in addressing customer concerns is a must. But combining this with outstanding behavioral skills -- expressing empathy, assurance and tenacity makes a frontliner a cut above the rest.



Working at the frontline requires empathy for its passengers.



Several outstanding frontliners have stood out from their extraordinary customer service. The latest to join this 'premium roster' is Joannah Karissa “Iza” Dumlao who is based in PAL'S NAIA Terminal 2 Ticket Office. She has been recognized by one of our passengers publicly for saving his trip. Last July, our guest with an important business meeting outside of Manila arrived late and missed the opportunity to checked-in by 15 minutes.


The passenger pleaded his case, but with flights full, he had no choice but to head back to the airport ticket office where Iza was tasked to address his concern.


He pleaded his case as he needed to go to Davao, but he also got the same information that all flights were full that day. Iza tried to look for other routes or connecting flights to help him fly to his destination with PAL.



Iza takes to heart the guidance she receives from Grace.



However, the next available flight would be after 2 to 3 days making the passenger miss his important engagement.

In her desire to help, she checked the other airline’s website and found available flights departing that day. She facilitated his booking and saved the day for the stressed-out passenger.


What made her earn the passenger’s admiration?  


Iza's EMPATHY from the moment she came face to face with the stressed passenger up to the time she clinched his new flight booking on another airline earned her praise and admiration.




Iza said the training was just around 20 to 30% of what you need to know, but you will eventually learn the rest when you start working on the front line.



In his LinkedIn post, the satisfied passenger said, "I will recognize her efforts by being more loyal to Philippine Airlines. Great customer service really makes greater business sense! I have been delivering Customer Service training for 26 years. So as a customer, I have high standards, but I already got used to just getting basic or expected service."


Like many Tourism course graduates, Iza has always aspired to work for Philippine Airlines. As the country’s flag carrier, the name carries a certain level of prestige and a symbol of resilience.


For Iza, it took her a couple of work experiences before finally joining the airline in 2015. To become a full-fledged sales agent, the training consists of technical and behavioral skills.


After the training, the agents will undergo a couple of weeks of onsite familiarization. She continues, “The training was just around 20 to 30% of what you need to know, but you will eventually learn the rest when you start working in the front line.” Working at the airport will not be complete without the challenges faced due to varying circumstances that result in challenging cases. Iza is no stranger to such encounters. She further elaborates, “


A week would not be complete without encountering difficult passengers, especially if you are assigned in the airport. I listen to their concerns, and from there, I try my best to give them options for what is best with the


Iza shares, “For me, I do not want to keep any transactions unfinished. I want to do my best to provide solutions for passengers especially, I know that they need to be at their destination either for personal or business matters.”


She adds, “At the end of every transaction, it is fulfilling to know that I have provided a solution to the best of my ability.”


 Her Manager, Grace, shares that Iza is a valued team member, “…Takes the initiative to provide useful information to her colleagues and the passengers as well; she goes the extra mile.” Both shared tips for aspiring candidates to become good frontliner during the conversation. She further adds, "I fondly call her " call a friend" girl. For complicated transactions which her colleagues can reissue, they asked her assistance/ help to reissue the ticket. I usually call her to teach me "techie" issues like preparing graph on reports, power point and others."


Iza said, “The qualities that a ticketing agent should possess are patience, willingness to learn and help, good communication skills, compassion, empathy, and ability to adapt to changes,” while Grace adds that an aspiring ticketing agent has to be “attentive and with patience, reliable and trusted, compassionate, show respect and friendly.”


Now considered a candidate for the senior sales agent position, she looks forward to a higher position of responsibility with proactiveness and empathy as her work mantra.