Changes with Ticketing service charge for Japan Issued Tickets

22 Jul 2019

Effective 01 September 2019, there will be changes with Ticketing Service Charge (TSC) for newly purchased tickets issued within Japan.
(Applicable for Japan Ticket Offices/Airport Counters)


On/after 01September 2019

JPY 3,000
(Tax inclusive)

JPY 4,400
(Tax inclusive)

*Ticketing Service Charge shall be collected per ticket.

* For PAL online booking, the Ticketing Service Charge (TSC) is not applicable including Miles-Award Tickets.  (Exception: For Flights originating the Philippines, TSC applies

Exemptions from the collection of TSC:
• Ticket Rebooking (re-issuance)
• Payment through Japan Reservations Center (Excluding: Miles Award Tickets ・ Free air-fare Tickets
• Million Miler Members

Refunds on TSC:
• Refund due to voluntary reason: Non-refundable.
• Refund due to reasons other than voluntary reasons: Refundable for totally unused tickets.

• If the country of ticket issuance is outside Japan, the respective rules and TSC apply.
• Miles Award Tickets/Free Air-Fare tickets cannot be issued at the Airport counters. 

We are hoping for your understanding.

Philippine Airlines – Japan                 

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