Multi-Destination involves an itinerary with more than two destination cities. Our new online booking facility will allow you to book a maximum of six flight destination for international routes or a combination of international and domestic routes.  Sample itinerary: Bacolod to Manila, Manila to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Manila, Manila to Cebu and Davao to Manila.

What is the difference of Multi-Destination from one-way/round trip tickets?
Customer may purchase multiple destinations in one transaction. In the case of one-way/round trip, a customer has to purchase each segment/city pair individually to complete the whole itinerary.


Is "Calendar Pricing" available in the Multi-Destination page?
No. The booking engine shall quote the fare after selecting the preferred flight schedule for each sector.


I want to travel to Los Angeles but my return would be from San Francisco.  Can I book my itinerary through your website?
Yes. You can make a booking from Manila to Los Angeles and use the next fields to book your San Francisco to Manila flight.


Will my baggage be checked through all the way to my final destination when using the Multi-Destination type of travel?
Yes, you may request for through check-in if the succeeding flights are immediate connections (no stop over) to any PAL destination.


Are the fares cheaper when using Multi-Destination? 
Prices are considered through fare or sectoral fare. Some domestic and international fares can combine with other international fares, which result in a lower through fare. Customers may compare prices by trying several one-way/round trip itineraries and multi-destination.