myPAL Wi-Fi
Stay connected to your loved ones while on board with myPAL Wi-Fi
Choose from the selection of our Wi-Fi Plans to browse websites, access emails, and send messages during your flight.
Please note that all myPAL Wi-Fi plans are valid for single use and can only be accessed during the flight. The plans are available on select international flights and aircraft types.
myPAL Wi-Fi Plans Price
100 MB Plan Enjoy your 100 MB plan, good for web browsing and messaging. Available for Business Class Passengers and Mabuhay Miles Million Milers (regardless of class) only. Access in-flight for FREE (Code will be provided in-flight)
UNLI CHAT Stay connected on board through your favorite messaging apps! Send text messages via iMessage, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. Available to All Mabuhay Miles members only. Access in-flight for FREE (Code will be provided in-flight)
10 MB Plan Good for web browsing and messaging! Available to all Philippine Airlines Passengers. Access in-flight for FREE
UNLIMITED Plan Surf all you want and enjoy unlimited data on board! This plan has 300 MB data allowance. USD 24.98
STANDARD PLAN Access your email and favorite websites on board! This 3-hour standard wi-fi plan is perfect for web browsing and messaging. USD 15.98
LIGHT PLAN Browse your go-to websites on board! This 1-hour light plan is good for web browsing. USD 9.98
How to purchase
  1. Enable wi-fi on your device and select myPAL hotspot 
  2. Launch your mobile browser which will display the log-in web portal 
  3. Scroll down and select the wi-fi plan of choice 
  4. Connect and surf the internet