Press releases & statements


Beware of any e-mails or messages that pretend to be coming from Philippine Airlines or any of PAL’s officials or employees but are only “phishing” scams that may compromise your data.  Here are some basics to help identify whether an e-mail is coming from a legitimate organization or not:


1. Check the e-mail address – Is it from a personal account (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)? PAL sends messages only from official accounts.

2. E-mail body – It should be formal and should not be poorly written or contain typos or grammatical errors.

3. Urgency – Beware of e-mails requiring immediate action. This is a common technique to rush people. Legitimate organizations will not ask you for your personal information.


If you receive any suspicious e-mail from someone impersonating any PAL official, please ignore, do NOT click any links, and report immediately to


Thanks for being vigilant at all times!