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Cebu CC clings to two-point overall lead


February 24, 2023 


CEBU—Carl Almario and Jufil Sato fired eight-over-par 80s worth 46 points each on Friday, enough for Cebu Country Club to stay atop the overall race in the Philippine Airlines Seniors Interclub championship with Luisita the new pursuer just two points behind.


     Almario, the ex-pro, and Sato saw action for the second straight round and the home bets tallied 133 for the day at Club Filipino in Danao for 423 overall, 33 points ahead of The Orchard in the lower Founders Division race but with an eye on the bigger prize as the 72-hole championship winds down at well-manicured Alta Vista Saturday.


     Antonio San Juan's 41 counted as the last Cebu CC score, while the Luisitans were led by the 48 of Benjie Sumulong in a third round 138. Manila Southwoods grabbed second spot in the centerpiece division with a 134 for 416, seven behind in the overall racem after drawing 48 points from Jun Jun Plana and 46 from Joseph Tambunting.


     Luisita will have a very potent roster coming out for the final day, and Jeric Hechanova, the non-playing skipper, is happy at how things turned out after the third skirmish.


    "We are happy and confident because we have a very solid team tomorrow," Hechanova said as Chino Raymundo, ex-pro Dan Cruz, Steve McDonald and rookie Marty Ilagan come out for the final 18. "Our lineup for four days, it seems, is working.


     "The game plan for today was to not be left behind by that much," Hechanova explained.. "But we were lucky and fortunate that hwe sliced the lead of Cebu."


     Eric Deen, Nelson Yuvallos, Kyu Ok on and Jay Yuvallos, who scored 53 points on Thursday in Cebu CC's second round 140, will come out for the final round for the Cebuanos, even as ,Southwoods will have the same four on the course.


     Cangolf, meanwhile, got 48 points from Abe Rosal, 41 from Zaldy Villa and 36 from Rene Unson in a 125 for 413, now 10 points behind and with a lot of load left on the shoulders of Abe Avena, Damas Wong, Mari Hechanova and Rolly Viray for the Sugar Barons' title repeat bid.


     The annual event, considered the country’s unofficial national team championship, was shelved for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the 74th staging of the event is supported by platinum sponsors ABS-CBN Global, Asian Journal, Airbus, and NUSTAR Resort and Casino.


     Gold sponsors include Radio Mindanao Network, Mastercard, MemoRieS FM 89.9 Cebu, University of Mindanao Broadcasting Network, PLDT/Smart, and Konsulta MD.

     Joining the event as silver sponsors are Philippine National Bank (PNB), Biocostech, and VISA.

     Minor sponsors are Bollore Logistics, Manila Standard, Tanduay Brands International, and Asia Brewery while donors are Department of Tourism, Ogawa, Newport World Resorts, Rolls Royce, and Boeing.   


Complete scores:


CHAMPIONSHIP – Luisita 421(146,137,138), Manila Southwoods 416(143,139,134), Canlubang 413(155,133,125), Delmonte 392(139,126,127) 

FOUNDERS – Cebu Country Club 1 423(150,140,133), The Orchard 390(139,127,124), Riviera 389(141,126,122), Valley 366(122,122,122), Pueblo de Oro 363(125,111,127), Alabang 362(122,123,117), Sherwood Hills 361(132,111,118), Eagle Ridge 358(119,111,128), Villamor Airbase 356(130,117,109), Negros Occidental 355(129,117,109),Filam Hawaii 354(128,111,115), Wack Wack 352(121,125,106), Alta Vista 1 352(125,119,108), Apo 349(132,107,110), Camp John Hay 336(125,119,108), Guinhalaran 334(104,130,100), Manila 313(103,100,110), Taotao Mona 305(118,80,107), Coral Ocean Point 279(88,109,82), Bay City 221(86,67,68) 

AVIATOR – Mimosa 374(103,141,130), Iloilo 360(123,119,118), Camp Aguinaldo 350(94,139,117), Zamboanga 342(113,124,105), SF Maharlika 338(105,143,90), Sarangani 336(110,117,109), Cebu Country Club 2 334(114,115,105), Forest Hills 321(101,114,106), Lanang 314(98,106,110), Team Tuga 307(104,103,100), Via Verde LA 306(93,97,116), Boggie Buddies Filgolfers 302(91,111,100), Baguio 300(87,108,105), Bacolod 300(86,115,99), Southern California Redhawk 299(99,106,94), Guam Seals 292(84,103,105), Bay Area 2 266(83,91,92), Lumbia 266(78,93,95), Iligan 262(73,84,105), E-Yona 260(95,83,82), Forth Bonifacio 245(74,83,88), Liloan 244(72,94,78), SF Peninsula 219(73,78,68), Guam Compadres 204(70,54,80) 

SPORTSWRITER – Club Filipino de Cebu 343(133,98,112), Edwin Airforce Base 305(98,89,118), MSU Marawi 297(107,81,109), San Juanico 295(111,93,91), Rancho Palos Verdes 292(105,91,96), Paoay 287(103,88,96), Leyte 285(114,66,105), Eagle Ridge Lagitek 284(91,90,103), Dirab 281(114,75,92), PingGolfer’s 281(109,85,87), SFO Alliance of Golfers 276(96,98,82),  Van City 1 276(83,96,97), Vancouver 275(95,90,90), Cotabato 275(86,96,93), Guam Seniors 271(111,62,98), PGA British Columbia 269(87,94,88), SFO East Bay Club265(93,93,79), Mabuhay Golf of SFO 264(83,82,99), Club Intramuros 257(103,92,62), Camp Evangelista 262(88,72,102), Filam Fairfield 248(79,66,103), Seattle 244(83,67,94), UP Tee Jots 241(86,65,90), Honolulu 207(74,72,61)


FRIENDSHIP – Malaysian Eagle Hunters 316(101,105,102), Davao City 300(99,98,103), West Highlands 291(97,92,102), West Highlands 291(97,92,102), Veterans 285(78,88,119), Canphil 284(112,82,92), South Cotabato 270(84,94,92), Engineers and Architects (Eagle) 268(70,106,92), West Covina Warriors 251 (74,92,85), Travelers 248(45,99,104), Par Breakers 246(87,68,91), Fil Oz Sydney 244(63,99,84),  Mt Malindang 235(83,63,89), Filam SFO 227(76,65,86), EZ Par 226(70,101,55), Pinoy Vancouver 224(62,69,93), Filam NJ 223(82,79,62), Philam Central Florida 221(49,79,93), Van City 2 214(68,76,70),  Moffett Field 1 206(68,66,72), MSU Marawi 2 196(61,67,68), Brotherhood Sharp 194(46,79,69), Bennett Valley 186(61,65,60), Sky West 185(58,64,63), Tri City 184(30,81,73), Pittsburg Filam 183(64,55,64), Moffet Field 2 190(60,45,85), Filcansa 150(73,45,32)