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PAL Advisory on Typhoon ‘Paeng’ (Nalgae)

Paeng Advisory No. 1

(Updated as of October 29, 11:00 AM)


PAL Advisory on Typhoon ‘Paeng’ (Nalgae)


We are closely monitoring the track of Tropical Storm ‘Paeng’ (international codename: “Nalgae”), which is expected to cross through parts of central Luzon and affect other areas of the Philippines on October 29 (Saturday) and October 30 (Sunday).


Most flights to and from Manila (MNL) are still slated to operate on both days.  Nonetheless, if the storm remains on its current path or veers closer to the Metro Manila and Clark areas, Philippine Airlines may have to cancel certain flights or adjust schedules for urgent safety reasons. 


For now, we have CANCELLED the following domestic flights:


October 29, 2022 (Saturday)


PR 2671 Manila-Calbayog

PR 2672 Calbayog-Manila

PR 2921 Manila-Legazpi

PR 2922 Legazpi-Manila

PR 2923 Manila-Legazpi

PR 2924 Legazpi-Manila

PR 2919 Manila-Legazpi

PR 2920 Legazpi-Manila

PR 2932 Manila-Basco

PR 2933 Basco-Manila

PR 2033 Manila-Caticlan

PR 2034 Caticlan-Manila 

PR 2035 Manila-Caticlan

PR 2036 Caticlan-Manila

PR 2037 Manila-Caticlan

PR 2038 Caticlan-Manila

PR 2039 Manila-Caticlan

PR 2040 Caticlan-Manila

PR 2041 Manila-Caticlan

PR 2042 Caticlan-Manila

PR 2961 Manila-Busuanga

PR 2962 Busuanga-Manila

PR 2963 Manila-Busuanga

PR 2964 Busuanga-Manila

PR 2965 Manila-Busuanga 

PR 2966 Busuanga-Manila 

PR 2680 Cebu-Busuanga

PR 2681 Busuanga-Cebu

PR 2833 Cebu-Clark

PR 2043 Manila-Caticlan

PR 2044 Caticlan-Manila

PR 2045 Manila-Caticlan

PR 2046 Caticlan-Manila

PR 2047 Manila-Caticlan

PR 2048 Caticlan-Manila


October 30, 2022 (Sunday)


PR 4834 Clark-Cebu


If you are traveling on a flight to/from Metro Manila, Clark or one of the affected areas on October 29 or 30, we recommend that you check the status of your flight before proceeding to the airport.  Please visit and click the “Flight Status” icon on the main page, and then fill in the flight number (without the “PR” or “2P” designation, just the number itself) and date of departure to check the latest update. 


IMPORTANT REMINDER: A flight’s status is updated in real-time, and there is no need to call the PAL contact center to verify the information. We encourage you to continue monitoring the status of your flight using the Flight Status self-service tool on our website so that we can keep our contact center hotlines free of congestion.


Watch out for our flight advisories and updates on the PAL Facebook Page and at


We will keep you informed on developments.


In the meantime, residents of all affected areas are advised to monitor official government advisories and prepare for the potential impact of Paeng (Nalgae).


Thank you and keep safe.