Travel advisories

Use of Self-Service Check-In kiosks at Cebu Airport, starting September 5

September 3, 2022

Travel Advisory

To our valued customers:

Effective September 5, travelers departing from Cebu may now use the self-service check-in kiosks positioned at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport departure areas in Terminal 2 (the departure point for both PAL domestic and international flights).

You may opt to utilize these convenient self-service channels for your check-in needs, as an alternative to the regular check-in counters, to expedite your travel process.

Below is a step by step guide for check-in:

  1. Input one of the following items for proper identification:


    • booking reference (6-digit character code);
    • e-ticket number (13-digit code);
    • frequent flyer number (9-digit code);
    • Passport or boarding pass


  2. Swipe your passport (this is required only for departing international passengers)
  3. Verify the passenger details
  4. Select your preferred seat
  5. Confirm Check-in
  6. Answer the security questions


Please ensure that you are not carrying any restricted goods before you start the check-in process.

Passengers departing on international flights must still stop by the designated check-in counters for printing of boarding passes and verification of travel documents.

Passengers departing on domestic flights do not need to stop by the check-in counters, except for those who have check-in baggage that they need to drop off.  You may proceed directly to the security check and pre-departure area.

Thank you and we hope to see you on our flights soon!