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Group Request

This facility is applicable for a minimum number of ten (10) passengers who are traveling together with single or multiple sectors on Philippine Airlines flights.

PAL Group Desk shall endeavour to process your request within 3 working days upon receipt of the complete group request form.

Mandatory / required field

Before providing your Personal Data, please read PAL's Data Privacy Policy to understand which Personal Data may be collected from you, the purpose for collecting such Personal Data, the parties to whom your Personal Data may be shared, our security measures, and most importantly, your rights as Data Subject under the Data Privacy Act.

I have read and understood and agree to PAL's Data Privacy Policy and hereby give my consent to the collection, use, monitoring, disclosure, or transfer of my Personal Data in accordance with PAL Data Privacy Policy.  I likewise represent that I have the authority to provide the Personal Data of the individual/s listed below and have secured their consent and permit PAL to use the information in accordance with its Data Privacy Policy.

Group Information

Travel Information

  1. Minimum of 10 passengers (adult and child)
  2. Child must be travelling/accompanied with/by adult.
  3. One adult is to one infant policy

Note: We occasionally receive notification that our responses to customer emails have been blocked by "SPAM" filters. Please ensure that your email account accepts emails from groupdesk@pal.com.ph.

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