New Zealand Visa Waiver Program

NZeTA (New Zealand’s Electronic Travel Authority)

Effective 01 October 2019, New Zealand Government implemented a new border security measure, NZeTA (New Zealand’s Electronic Travel Authority), for travelers visiting or transiting to New Zealand. 

This new requirement applies to eligible nationalities included in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) of New Zealand. This will speed up border clearance, streamline systems for entry and allow more detailed security checks to be performed on people who are coming to visit New Zealand.

Who needs an NZeTA? Travelers required to hold an NZeTA before they travel to New Zealand include:

  1. Travelers from visa waiver countries
  2. Australian permanent residents
  3. All airline and cruise line crew members (except those with Australian or New Zealand citizenship)
  4. Transit passengers from 24 transit visa waiver countries

People transiting via Auckland International Airport to or from Australia, regardless of nationality, can travel with an NZeTA.

Note: The NZeTA is not a visa and doesn’t guarantee entry to New Zealand. On arrival in New Zealand, travelers must still meet all existing entry requirements, such as holding an onward travel ticket, being a bona fide visitor and being in good health.

Visitors from 60 visa waiver countries , transit passengers from 24 transit visa waiver countries (except those with Australian or New Zealand Citizenship) and Australian Permanent Residents must hold a NZeTA before travelling to New Zealand.  

Filipino nationals who obtain visas for visiting NZ are not required to secure a NZeTA.  However the NZeTA is required for Filipinos who are to transit NZ without a visa, as the Philippines is one of the 24 transit visa waiver countries.

For a full list of countries whose nationals do not need a NZeTA, and for information on how to apply along with cost and timeframes, please visit the NZ Immigration website at immigration.govt.nz/nzeta . It is highly advised that a request for a NZeTA be made well in advance of your trip to avoid any inconvenience.