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Note: Non-OFWs refer to Returning Overseas Filipinos (non-OFW students, non-OFW Balikbayan, non-OFW tourist, etc.), spouse and children of Filipinos, diplomats, foreign officials accredited by the Philippines, and eligible non-Filipino/foreign citizens.

In compliance with Philippine government regulations, travelers arriving in the Philippines starting May 8, 2021 and onwards shall undergo 14 days of quarantine, 10 of which shall be observed at an accredited hotel or facility, and the remaining 4 to be completed at home under the monitoring of their respective Local Government Units.  Travelers shall also undergo an RT-PCR test on the seventh day of their quarantine stay.

You must stay at a hotel accredited by our Tourism and Health Agencies while you wait for your scheduled test and the release of results. You can only check out from your hotel on the tenth day of your quarantine stay. Day 1 starts on your arrival date.


1. As early as 3 days prior to your departure, register and accomplish the PAL Electronic Case Investigation Form and save the confirmation e-mail and QR code: https://bit.ly/MNLPALeCIF

Please note that this is a two-step registration process. Your registration is completed once you receive an e-mail containing a QR Code. 

You may also pre-pay for your RT-PCR Test. A payment portal link is available after successfully registering to PAL’s e-CIF. If your travel plans change, you may also request for a refund of your prepaid test anytime. Please follow the refund guidelines found in the payment confirmation email.  Your test will be conducted by our DOH-accredited partner, Detoxicare Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory.

Important reminder applicable only for non-OFW and non-Filipino passengers on Middle East flights to Manila: Your flight will arrive in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1. Your RT-PCR test will be administered by DOH-accredited Philippine Airport Diagnostics Laboratory (PADLab). Please register on PADLAb’s portal as early as 3 days before departure at https://www.padlab.ph/DLS/eCIFv8.

2. Download, print, and accomplish the Affidavit of Undertaking for submission upon arrival in the Philippines. Please ensure to write a your address and contact details in the Philippines.

3. Ensure to have a confirmed booking at a hotel accredited by Tourism and Health Agencies, and for 10 days to accommodate the schedule of your test and the release of results. Passengers arriving before hotel standard check-in times are encouraged to book an additional night to ensure room availability. For a faster administration and processing of your RT-PCR test, please book a hotel within Metro Manila only. 

In compliance with Philippine regulations, only one person is allowed per room, except for the following:
  • Families with minor children below 18 years old (if the traveling family has two or more adult members, only one adult can stay with the minor children) 
  • A Person With Disability (PWD) and his/her companion (only one adult companion is allowed)
  • Travelers with medical emergencies

A waiver for special cases is available upon arrival for other exemptions not stated above. 

Please click here for the list of Quarantine Hotels in Manila

4. Upon check-in, sign the Declaration and Waiver Form presented by our check-in agent, indicating that you are healthy and fit to travel.


5. Accomplish the Health Declaration Form, Bureau of Customs Form, and Arrival Card.


6. Upon arrival, listen to the briefing conducted by the Philippine Coast Guard.

7. Undergo a temperature check, submit the Health Declaration Form upon deplaning, and proceed to the designated waiting area. Fill out the Affidavit of Undertaking.

8. Proceed to the hotel desk. Hotel coordinators shall verify your hotel booking or assist you in your reservation if you have not made one yet. Please ensure that hotel verifiers have signed or stamped your Affidavit of Undertaking. You may also arrange for your airport-hotel transfer (via shuttle/van) at these desks. A separate desk is available for coupon taxis and metered taxis. A sticker will be given to you indicating your choice of transportation to your quarantine hotel:
  • For pre-arranged hotel transfers, a red sticker will be provided
  • For Shuttles/Vans, a blue sticker will be provided
  • For Metered Taxis, a yellow sticker will be provided
  • For Coupon Taxis, a green sticker will be provided

9. Proceed to the verification booth. Present your passport and the QR code sent to you after accomplishing the e-CIF. 

10. Pay for your RT-PCR Test. The test costs Php 4,000. For passengers arriving in NAIA Terminal 2, you may pay in cash (PHP or USD), card, GCash, PayPal™, WeChat Pay, or Alipay. For passengers arriving in NAIA Terminal 1, you may pay in cash or card. 

ATMs are available inside the terminal.  If you availed of the prepayment facility, please present the payment confirmation email.

11. Receive a sticker indicating that you are holding a confirmed booking and that you have paid for your test. Place the sticker on the back of your passport.

12. Help Desks are available at the waiting area for passengers who do not have smart devices/phones. Charging stations are also available.

13. Clear with immigration and submit the Arrival Card. 

14. Claim your baggage at the designated carousel and clear with Customs Check. Submit the Bureau of Customs Form.

15. Submit the Affidavit of Undertaking before exiting the terminal. Proceed to your booked hotel through your preferred mode of transportation.


16. Check in at your hotel and wait for the schedule of your test.

If you arrived at NAIA Terminal 1, please wait until the seventh (7th) day for your RT-PCR test.

If you arrived at NAIA Terminal 2, on day 3 of your quarantine stay, you will receive a follow up e-mail that confirms the hotel you are staying in, and updates your health through an assessment checklist. You must answer this online form no later than day 4 of your stay. To confirm, visit the online portal at https://bit.ly/PALday7swab

On day 6 of your stay, our testing partner may contact you or your hotel to confirm your schedule and location. Please be reminded that your scheduled test may be postponed the next day or at a later date for any unforeseen circumstances (e.g., typhoons, flashfloods, strikes, shift in stricter community quarantine status, etc.).

Day 1 starts on the day you arrive in the Philippines. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms (e.g., dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and/or smell, etc.) at any time before your scheduled test, please inform the hotel you are staying in so a medical or BOQ officer can assess and check up on you immediately.

17. On the day of your test, please present your passport, QR code, and payment receipt to the personnel who will administer your test. To follow up on your test results, you may contact our testing partner through the following channels (applicable for passengers who arrived in NAIA T2 only)::

18. Your accommodation and food during your stay including fees due to required extensions will be at your own expense. In compliance with Philippine regulations, delivery of outside food to your hotel is not allowed.


19. If you test positive, the BOQ shall transfer you to a designated hospital for further medical management. 

If you test negative, your test result will be released on day 9 of your quarantine stay. After, you may obtain your BOQ medical certificate via the DOH-BOQ certificate page and e-mailing boq.qc1@gmail.com and boq.quarantinecertificate1@gmail.com the following details: Complete Name, Complete Address, Current Hotel & Room Number, Country of Origin, Date of Arrival to the Philippines, Number of Quarantine Days and an Attachment of your OFFICIAL test result (screenshot or file with password).

You are allowed to check out only on the tenth day of your stay, even if your test results and certificate are released at an earlier time. Please present your negative test result together with the BOQ Medical Quarantine Certificate for clearance. If you need a hard copy of your result and certificate, printing services are available at your quarantine hotel. 

To follow up on your request, you may call the BOQs landline at (02) 5318-7500, or through these mobile numbers: 0961-899-0779, 0951-210-8105, or 0926-629-0723.

20. Once cleared, you can call your relatives and respective Local Government Units (LGU) to pick you up or arrange for your transportation going home. Please complete your 14-day quarantine or self-isolation under the monitoring of your LGU and Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERT).