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Qatar (DOH) 

(Please check latest updates from your country of destination)                                                                                                                                                      

Travel Restrictions

  • While the Philippines is not included in the list of low-risk countries, passengers need not secure a negative RT-PCR Test result before check-in Manila
  • Read the complete State of Qatar Travel and Return Policy
  • The COVID-19 Green List countries is identified and published on the Ministry of Public Health website and announced by the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority. The list is reviewed and updated regularly.
  • All Qatari and GCC citizens should travel from and to the State of Qatar using their passports and not their ID cards as a precautionary measure to control the transmission of COVID-19 infection in the country.
  • Citizens, their Spouses and Children, and the Holders of Permanent Residency:

-          Citizens, their spouses and children, and permanent residency holders can return to the State of Qatar at any time, provided they adhere to the travel and return policy.

  • GCC Citizens can enter the State of Qatar through air and land ports
  • Residents abroad may return to the State of Qatar, as of August 1, 2020, by applying for an "Exceptional Entry Permit" through "Qatar Portal" website.
  • Residents who are currently in the State of Qatar and wish to travel and return will automatically receive an "Exceptional Entry Permit". The resident or their employer will be able to printout the permit from the Ministry of Interior's website at any point after their departure. Residents currently abroad are still required to get the "Exceptional Return Permit" via the "Qatar Portal" website if they wish to return to the State of Qatar.
  • Workers (Craftsmen and Manual Professions):

-          The employer (public or private sector) may submit an "Exceptional Entry Permit" application for craftsmen and manual workers electronically via the "Qatar Portal" website. A similar process applies to domestic workers.

  • VVIP Visitors and accompanying Officials:

-          VVIP Guests bringing their own COVID-19 testing Certificate, should ensure the testing technique used is RT-PCR. The testing result must be negative and valid for 48 hours after arrival to Qatar. If the visit duration is over 72 hours, they must be re-tested. If the VVIP Guests were tested in Qatar, they must be re-tested after 72 hours.

  • Diplomats

-          Members of the Qatari diplomatic missions abroad, Cultural, and Military Attaches on annual leaves, and Foreign Missions' Heads and their families should have a COVID-19-free Certificate from one of the testing centers approved and announced by MOPH. In the absence of MOPH approved testing centers, a certificate using RT-PCR is crucial to be exempted from testing at the Port of Entry (PoE).  The COVID-19-free Certificate should not exceed 48 hours before travel. Otherwise, they will be tested at the Airport upon arrival and shall be home quarantined for a week and re-tested on day 6.

-          The same process applies to the holders of administrative cards, except employees on local contracts.

Reminder to Passengers traveling on MNL-DXB with onward flight to DOHA:


  • PCR is not required in DXB for transit passengers. Passenger must have confirmed onward ticket and to follow the Qatar requirements. 
  • Passengers bound for Doha must have:
                   o Exceptional Entry Permit 
                   o Quarantine Hotel booking dated on the same day of arrival

COVID-19 Health Requirements

  • With immediate effect, the following is the protocol for inbound travelers vaccinated abroad:

1)   The vaccine received should be one of the COVID-19 vaccines recognized by the Ministry of Public Health. This includes:

  1. Pfizer/BioNTech
  2. Moderna
  3. AstraZeneca
  4. Johnson & Johnson

2)   The full course of the vaccine should have been administered. It is one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and two doses of the other vaccines.

3)   Two weeks should have passed since the 2nd dose, and for the Johnson & Johnson 2 weeks from the one dose.

4)   There should be an official vaccination card or certificate complete with the following details:

  1. Name of the recipient.
  2. Date of vaccination by each dose.
  3. Type of the vaccine.
  4. The lot number of the vaccine
  5. Official Logo and/or official stamp of the vaccination authority/unit.

If in doubt of the authenticity of the certificate, verification may be necessary through the Embassy of the country where the vaccine was administered.

5)    The recipient of the vaccine should test negative for COVID-19 on PCR either on entry into the country or to submit a negative test result from one of the COVID-19 testing centers abroad recognized by the MOPH. The validity of the test result should not exceed 72 hours upon arrival.

6)    The health status on Ehteraz will remain green for the person who meets the above requirements and they will be exempted from hotel or home quarantine upon entry.

7)    If the recipient of the vaccine did not complete the 2 weeks post-vaccination, Citizens and Residents should be subjected to home quarantine for 7 days or until they complete the remaining of the 2 weeks, whichever is shorter. However, visitors from GCC who didn’t complete the (14) days post-vaccination, are hotel quarantined for (7) days…”

  • Please take note of the amendments to the travel and return policy for the groups mentioned below, effective March 29, 2021:
Travelers arriving from Non-Green country list are exempted from Hotel Quarantine:
  • Non-vaccinated children below 18 years of age returning to Qatar alone OR accompanied by their parents who received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This exception is not applicable if one of the traveling parents has not yet received both doses of the vaccine, in this case hotel quarantine procedures will apply to the parent and children below 18 years, while other parent who has received both doses of the vaccine will be exempted from the hotel quarantine as per earlier instructions, if they wish to do so.
  • Travelers who are vaccinated with the 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine, either from Qatar or abroad (provided that the vaccine is recognized in the State of Qatar - through prior approval from the representative of the Ministry of Public Health in the quarantine cell).  If they arrived before completing the 14-days period from the date of their 2nd dose, they will be allowed to quarantine at home for a period of (7) days or the remaining number of days until completing the required 14-days period, whichever is shorter.
  • Travelers who are 75 years and above plus one (1) escort only (living in the same house).
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers with an infant up to 2 years old and accompanied by a fully vaccinated husband OR immediate relative (living in the same house).
  • Depending on their medical status, returning patients through Ministry of Public Health plus one (1) escort only (living in the same house), with a prior approval from the representative of the Ministry of Public Health in the quarantine cell.

-          Travelers from all above mentioned categories MUST have negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival from approved medical center in the country where he/she came from, OR upon arrival in Qatar. If the test result is positive, the applicable health isolation procedures will be implemented as per government of Qatar health policy.

-          For more information and latest updates, please refer to the below link to Ministry of Public Health on Travel and Return Policy: https://covid19.moph.gov.qa/EN/Pages/Qatar-Travel-Policyy.aspx

  • Qatari and Residents returning from one of the COVID-19 Green Listed Countries must be tested upon arrival to the Port of Entry (PoE) using the approved testing method for COVID-19 and sign the Undertaking for Home Quarantine for a week. On the sixth day, the individual should visit one of the PHCC healthcare centers for re-testing.
  • Citizens and Residents returning from the other countries that is not included in the COVID-19 Green List should be hotel quarantined at their own expense for a week. They should book a quarantine package from the listed hotels on the "Discover Qatar" website before their travel abroad. They will be re-tested on day 6 and released from the hotel after their health status on Ehteraz turned green on day 7.
  • Re-testing on the sixth day of quarantine is mandatory, and the individuals under home quarantine will receive SMS as a reminder to visit one of the PHCC healthcare centers for testing. If they did not show-up, it will be followed by a phone call from the Healthcare team. No answer or show-up to the appointment for a valid reason will be considered as non-compliance, and the legal action will be taken per the Decree-Law no.17 for the year 1990.
  • If the traveler was a minor, their official guardian should sign the "Home Quarantine Undertaking".
  • Citizens, their spouses and children, and permanent residency holders shall bear the cost of the hotel quarantine for one week, if the hotel quarantine criteria apply, provided that the booking made through "Discover Qatar" before their travel abroad.
  • Citizens, their spouses and children, and permanent residents are exempted from hotel quarantine if they are among the vulnerable groups listed in this policy, knowing that this includes their immediate family members and domestic helpers traveling with them and share the same national address.
  • Referring to the updates on travel instructions received from Ministry of public Health, given the new medical facts on COVID-19 in the State of Qatar and the rest of the world, kindly be noted that it has been decided to stop all the health exemptions from hotel quarantine to travelers coming from countries not included on the Green List effective Sunday, the 14th of February 2021 and until further notice.
  • Accordingly, ALL passengers (including Qatari citizens with diplomatic passport) arriving from countries not included in the green list are required to have confirmed quarantine hotel booking through Discover Qatar website for seven night - No Exemptions! The above is also applies to travelers who were exempted from hotel quarantine prior their travel and all visitors arriving in the State of Qatar.
  • Hotel Quarantine is also required for GCC nationals and visitors to the State of Qatar without Qatari Resident ID card (QID) arriving from all countries including those listed in the Green List.
  • Foreign Diplomats holders of diplomatic and administrative cards issued by MOFA are exempted from hotel quarantine and will undergo seven days home quarantine despite the country they are returning from. (either countries from the Green-List, or other countries).
  • USA and NATO personnel holding Military ID with order to Qatar can arrive to Qatar without EEP, and they do not need prior hotel quarantine booking through discover Qatar website, they are subject to special quarantine arrangements, and they will be handled by their authorized sponsors, as per usual protocol without change.
  • Effective February 18, 2021, citizens and residents who have received the Two doses of COVID-19 vaccination from quarantine requirements upon returning from abroad.

Taking into consideration that the exemption from quarantine is valid for a period of three months, to be started after 14 days from the date of receiving the second dose. However, (PCR) swab test result must be negative upon returning to the country.

  • The exemption currently does not apply to passengers who received their vaccination outside the State of Qatar.
  • For follow up on the updates for the list of Green Countries, or the travel and return instructions, you can check the MOPH website through the following link:


  • Passengers from Other Countries (who do not have accredited medical centers for COVID-19 test:

-          Must book a quarantine hotel for one week through ‘Discover Qatar’ www.discoverqatar.qa, before arriving to the state of Qatar.

-          Passenger will do a PCR test on day six of the Hotel Quarantine, and according to the test result, passengers will then follow the rest of procedures published on the Ministry of Public Health website.

  • Passengers from high-risk countries will take a COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport
  • No health report will be accepted from external health facilities regarding exemptions from Hotel Quarantine; passengers with health issues will be diagnosed by specialists in Qatar upon arrival at their Quarantine Hotel.

Required Forms

  • All arriving passengers must install “EHTERAZ” application on their cell phone.
  • Each passenger must complete Health Assessment Form before arrival to Qatar:

-          Health Assessment form as of April 19, 2021

  • Employers, whether individuals or companies, government or private, must obtain "Exceptional Entry Permit" for residents and their family members (QIDs holders) who are still abroad in order to allow them to return to the State of Qatar. The permit is valid for one month from its date of its issuance and can be renewed automatically if not used.
  • Residents who are currently in the State of Qatar and wish to travel and return will automatically receive an "Exceptional Entry Permit". The resident or their employer will be able to printout the permit from the Ministry of Interior's website or "Metrash2" application at any point after their departure. Residents currently abroad are still required to get the "Exceptional Return Permit" via the "Qatar Portal" website if they wish to return to the State of Qatar.
  • Exceptional Entry permit copy should be carried by the passengers to be presented on arrival.  Exceptional Entry Permit issued through “Qatar Portal” https://portal.www.gov.qa/wps/portal/qsports/home

-           Sample of ID Cards 

-           New Exceptional Entry Permit (Sample) 

  • All holders of Qatar Residence Permit are required to have a separate exceptional entry permit to enter the State of Qatar (even in case of Head of the family has an exceptional permit and his family are travelling with them they are all required to obtain exceptional entry permit as well), except for the Non-Qatari passengers under the sponsorship of a Qatari national and traveling with him/her or one of the first-degree sponsor’s relative who is a Qatari national on the same flight.
  • Non-Qatari passengers are exempted from the exceptional entry permit if they are sponsored by a Qatari Company and the owner of the company (Qatari) is traveling with them to Doha on the same flight.
  • PH Bureau of Immigration (BOI) Declaration of acknowledging the risks involved in travelling. Click to download the BOI Declaration form.  
  • Registration to the PAL Passenger Profile and Health declaration form as early as 5 days before departure via https://bit.ly/PALIntPPHD

Other Requirements


-          Valid Seaman's Visa

-          Seaman's Book

-          Original Copy of the Letter of Guarantee

Other Information

  • For the latest advice, information and resources, go to:

-          https://covid19.moph.qa

 Travel Advisory 
  • As of January 20, 2021

-          Read the complete State of Qatar Travel and Return Policy

  • As of April 15, 2021 
             -          Republic of Albania had decided to exempt nationals of the State of Qatar from obtaining an entry                               visa during the period from Aril 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

  • 1. The Companion (house workers, or other similar companions) should be accompanied by the GCC citizens or one of their first-degree direct family members.