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Saudi Arabia (DMM, RUH) 

(Please check latest updates from your country of destination)                                                                                                                                                      

Travel Restrictions

  • Lifting the suspension of all international flights and travel to the Kingdom:

-           The transport of non-Saudi citizen travelers to the KSA coming from the United Kingdom,  South Africa as well as from any other country being specified by the competent health authorities, in which the new variant of the new coronavirus (B117) is spread, shall spend no less than 14 days outside the country in which the new coronavirus variant (B117) is spread before entering KSA, with a PCR examination after the expiration of this period, proving that the passenger is COVID-19 infection-free.

  • Allowing non-Saudis to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

-          Effective December 27, 2020, airlines are permitted to carry non-Saudi passengers outside the Kingdom, taking into account precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

-          This does not include the countries where the new strain of COVID-19 has appeared, according to what is decided by the competent health authority.

  •  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi has decided to remove the travel ban for inbound / outbound movement starting September 15, 2020, with precaution and requirements. Specifically:

-          GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) citizens are permitted to travel to/from the Kingdom.

-          Non-Saudi passengers holding a valid visa (Exit/Entry, Residence [Iqamah], and Visit) are permitted to travel to/from the Kingdom.

  • Expired exit re-entry visas are no longer acceptable because K.S.A already extended all expired exit re-entry visas online till 20 August 2020.
  • Health practitioners in India and their families are exempt from the suspension of travel to / from countries where COVID-19 has outbreak.
  • Passengers who have official government invitations are excluded from above.
  • Temporarily suspending entry into the kingdom for passengers coming from (Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Germany, USA, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Pakistan, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Japan) and it included those coming from other countries if they have passed through any aforementioned countries during (14) days preceding the request to enter the Kingdom. This does not apply to Saudi Citizens, diplomats, health practitioners and their families. 

COVID-19 Health Requirements

  • All Non-Saudis must submit a negative result (PCR) test from a verified laboratory, and it must be done no later than (72) hours before the scheduled departure to KSA.
  • All non‑Saudis, except children 8 years and below, must present a negative RT-PCR test result issued by a verified laboratory.
  • PRINTED Certificate from a verified lab with the passenger’s name, passport number or ID which verifies that the passenger tested negative within 72 hours before STD.  
  • Passengers must be tested at a government-accredited COVID-19 health facility: https://doh.gov.ph/licensed-covid-19-testing-laboratories
  • Saudi citizens, diplomats, health practitioners and their families coming from the aforementioned countries or who passed through them in any of those countries within 14 days prior to their return to the Kingdom shall be quarantined in their homes for a period of 14 days in the Kingdom.
  • Passengers who are coming from the countries in which cases of the strain were registered, shall be quarantined in their homes for a period of 7 days.
  • The rest of the other countries, the 7-day mandatory home quarantine shall be applied or 3-days at least, with a mandatory laboratory examination (Negative RT-PCR test result)

Required Forms

Other Requirements

  • Valid visa (Exit/Entry, Residence [Iqamah], and Visit)
  • Practitioners Holding expired exit re-entry visa should contact K.S.A. embassies abroad for necessary registry and visa extension.
  • Registry is not visa extension; it is only registry on the website
  • Registration can be done and verified through https://es.mofa.gov.sa/moh/index

-          Valid Seaman's Visa

-          Seaman's Book

-          Original Copy of the Letter of Guarantee

Other Information

  • For the latest advice, information and resources, go to:

-          https://www.mofa.gov.sa/sites/mofaen/pages/default.aspx

Travel Advisory

  • As of December 21, 2020

-          Temporary suspension of ALL International flights

  • Effective December 21, 2020, all international flights for travelers, to and from KSA is temporarily suspended for one week (except in exceptional cases), which can be extended for another week. Foreign flights currently in the territory of the Kingdom are allowed to leave. 

-          The Business Class Lounge at Dammam (Plaza Premium Lounge) is reopened starting December 17, 2020 at 7:00AM onwards. Operating time will be 24/7, 7 days a week as usual.