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South Korea (ICN, PUS) 

(Please check latest updates from your country of destination)                                                                                                                                                      

Travel Restrictions

  • Only Korean nationals are allowed to enter Korea. Non-Korean passengers with marriage visa (F-6 Visa) are allowed to enter South Korea.
  • NO ENTRY restriction is imposed on Non-Korean passport holders
  • All Philippine passengers who are transiting from Incheon to China will not be accepted due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Health Requirements

  • Effective February 24, 2021 (KST), all travelers arriving in the Republic of Korea, regardless of nationality, are required to submit a document proof of NEGATIVE RT-PCR test result.

-     Validity period of PCR negative confirmation: Recognized if issued within 72 hours of the departure date of the aircraft or ship (Example, accepted if issued between February 20 and February 23 when boarding an aircraft departing at 23:00 on February 23)

-      Agency for issuing PCR negative confirmation: Embassy-designated organization for issuing PCR negative confirmation 

-     Only negative RT-PCR confirmations issued by designated organizations are accepted. Even if it has been inspected by a designated institution, ANTIGEN, ANTI BODY, SALIVA TEST, etc. results are not accepted.

  • Upon submission of RT-PCR negative confirmation

-      Koreans, Long-term stay foreigners: Self-isolation

-      Short-term stay foreigners: Will be moved to a facility designated by the Republic of Korea Government to quarantine 14 days. The fee will be passenger’s own expenses.

  • Non submission of PCR negative confirmation:

-      Koreans: Take PCR test upon arrival. After the PCR test, they will be moved to a facility designated by the Republic of Korea Government to quarantine 14 days. The fee will be passenger's own expenses.

-      Foreigners: Denied boarding to Korea

  • Children under 6 years old, regardless of nationality, do not need to submit a Negative PCR Test Result before entering Korea. But, children under 6 years old who are accompanied by parents who show any COVID symptoms must undergo testing upon arrival in Korea.
  • Passengers are required to sign and hand in a Facility Quarantine Consent Form (Must be signed) before getting a boarding pass for a flight to Korea.
  • All arrivals including Koreans departed from U.K. and South Africa must submit a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before their departure.
  • All inbound travelers (including returning Korean nationals) are required to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon their arrival in Korea

-          Quarantine Facilities are randomly assigned and cannot be changed for personal reasons. Transportation from the airport to the facility will be provided.

-          The Facility Quarantine Agreement/Consent Form (refer to attachments) must be completed and submitted to the airlines to get a boarding pass for a flight to Korea. Passengers who do not hand in a signed form can be denied entry to Korea.

-          Download Facility Quarantine Agreement for KOREAN NATIONALS 

-          Download Facility Quarantine Agreement for NON-KOREAN NATIONALS (Foreign Nationals) 

-          MUST READ: Notice for Passengers Traveling to the Republic of Korea

  • PRINTED Certificate (in Korean or English) from a designated hospital by the Embassy with passenger’s name, passport number or ID which verifies that the passenger tested negative from a COVID-19 PCR test issued within 48 hours before flight departure time. For example: If the flight departs on 23:30 of November 11, PCR test results issued from November 9 to November 11 will be considered valid.
  • Passengers must have two copies of the certificate. It must include the date of examination (valid only when examined within 48 hours in advance of departure date), and the presence or absence of fever, cough, chills, headache, difficulty of breathing, muscle pain and pulmonary symptoms (X-ray scans are not required), and must be signed by a medical examiner.
  • The following changes have been made to the items required in the medical certification:

-          Name (Must match the name in the passport)

-          Birth Date

-          Test Method (PCR, LAMP, TMA, SDA)

-          Date of Test

-          Test Result

-          Date of Issue

             -          Name of the Laboratory 

  • Nationals and residents of Korea (Rep.) are required to install 'Self-quarantine safety protection mobile app'.
  • Returning Foreign Workers of South Korea with E-9 visas must submit a “Confirmation of Self-quarantine.” If the person fails to submit the confirmation or do not agree with the 14-day self-quarantine, the government may deny entry. For passengers coming from the Philippines, the confirmation should be noted by the Employment Permit System (EPS) Center located in the Philippines.
  • Note: Entrants from certain countries may be required to carry and submit a negative COVID-19 PCR certificate pursuant to relevant provisions.

Required Forms

  • Required documents:

-          Valid passport

-          copy of alien registration

-          re-entry permit application

                            o Application: Immigration (branch) Offices across the nation (including at ports and
                               airports); Application can be filed at the airport, on the day of departure without any
                               prior reservation
                            o Making an online (visit) reservation at the HiKorea website is necessary to visit a
                               jurisdictional immigration (branch) office.
                            o Application is also available at immigration offices at ports and airports on the   
                               departure day, without making prior reservations.

-          letter of explanation  

                            o Travelers for the purpose of business activities, journalism, or academic activities can
                               apply for a "Medical Examination Exemption Certificate" by submitting supporting 
                               documents proving the purpose of travel. (Please visit www.hikorea.go.kr for more     
                               information on this exemption)
  • PH Bureau of Immigration (BOI) Declaration of acknowledging the risks involved in travelling. Click to download the BOI Declaration form. 
  • Registration to the PAL Passenger Profile and Health declaration form as early as 5 days before departure via https://bit.ly/PALIntPPHD

Other Requirements


-          Seaman's Book

-          Original Copy of the Letter of Guarantee

-          Seafarers who plan to enter Korea through airplane or vessel for the purpose of joining a
     vessel which is anchored or to be anchored in Korea must secure a visa prior to entry.

Other Information

  • For the latest advice, information and resources, go to:

-          http://overseas.mofa.go.kr/ph-en/brd/m_3272/view.do?seq=760721

-          Read the updated Notice on Re-entry permit System and Submission of
Diagnosisfor Re-entry into the ROK

 Travel Advisory
  • As of December 29, 2020
  • The UK and South Africa have been added to countries subject to strengthening quarantine. Therefore, the target countries for strengthening quarantine are currently 7 countries: Bangladesh, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Krygzstan, Nepal, the United Kingdom, and South Africa

-      All foreigners and Korean nationals departing from the above 7 countries must have a PCR negative confirmation.

-      Effective January 5, 2021, passengers must have a valid PCR negative confirmation to enter South Korea.