Thailand (BKK) Travel Requirements

Thailand (BKK) 

(Please check latest updates from your country of destination)                                                                                                                                                      

Travel Restrictions

  • Permitted persons to enter Thailand:

-     Thai Nationals

-     Exempted Persons - Exempted persons or persons who are specified, permitted or invited by the Prime Minister or Chief official responsible for remedying the emergency situation to enter into the Kingdom pertaining to necessity, whereby conditions and time frames may also be prescribed

-     Diplomats and International Organizations Officers - Persons on diplomatic or consular missions or under International organizations, or representatives of foreign governments or agencies performing their duties in Thailand, or any other persons in international agencies, that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives permission pertaining to necessity, including their spouse, parents, or children

-      Carriers of necessary goods, subject to immediate return after completion

-      Crew members who are required to travel into the Kingdom on a mission, and have a specific date and time for return

-     Family of Thai Nationals - Non-Thai nationals who are spouses, parents, or children of Thai nationals

-     Certificate of Residence Holders - Non-Thai nationals who have a certificate of residence, or have been permitted to take up residency in the Kingdom, including their spouses or children

-     Work Permit Holders - Non-Thai nationals who have a work permit or have been granted permission to work in the Kingdom in accordance with Thai laws, including their spouses or children

-     Students - Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational establishments in Thailand approved by Thai authorities, including their parents or guardians, except for students of non-formal schools in accordance with laws on private schools or of any other similar private educational establishments

-     Foreigners with Medical Appointment - Non-Thai nationals who need to receive medical treatment in Thailand, including their accompanying persons, except for treatment for COVID-19

-     Foreigners under Special Arrangement or have been granted permission by the Prime Minister - Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the Kingdom under a special arrangement with a foreign country or have been granted permission by the Prime Minister.

  • International Transit or Transfer Passengers at Suvarnabhumi International Airports (lay-over time not exceeding 12 hours / check-through luggage only / cannot leave transit area) do not need to apply for the Certificate of Entry (COE)

            - Please note that transit/transfer passengers are not allowed to enter Thailand, except for
              a life-threatening emergency case only.

  • Visa Exemption (for eligible passport holders staying in Thailand for tourism purpose for 30/ 90 days) has been re-activated, effective from 7th December 2020.
  • Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme: 30 days exemption for 56 countries and territories.
  • Bilateral Agreement: 

-          30 days exemption for 6 countries and territories

-          90 days exemption for 4 countries and territories

  • The list of Countries and Territories entitled for Visa Exemption is shown as the purple table in this List of Countries and Territories entitled for Visa Exemptions
  • Please note that visa on arrival (VOA) and bilateral agreement for 14 days visa exemption for ordinary passport are still suspended.
  • APEC Cards Holders - Thailand has allowed ALL APEC card holders travelling from 10 countries/territories (Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan or Vietnam) to enter Thailand without visa. Please note that eligible members must carry a card which has "THA" code on the back of their APEC card.
  • Special Tourist Visa - Thai Government has lift off restriction for STV holders. After 9th December 2020, STV holders can travel from any countries/ territories (prior to this, they must travel from low-risk countries listed by Ministry of Public Health only).
  • No Visa on Arrival

COVID-19 Health Requirements

  • From April 01, 2021 onwards, Thai Nationals are no longer required to present either fit to fly health certificate or medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected, using RT-PCR method. 
  • From April 01, 2021 onwards, Non-Thais (Exempted Persons, Diplomats and International Organization Officers, Family of Thai Nationals, Certificate of Residence Holders, Work Permit Holders, Students, Foreigners with Medical Appointment, Foreigners with Special Arrangements) are no longer required to present a Fit to Fly certificate to enter Thailand. They only need to present a Medical Certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected, using RT-PCR method issued within 72 hours before departure from their port of origin (in addition to COE, insurance and ASQ/ALQ or other quarantine facility confirmation).
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Thai visa or re-entry permit
  • Certificate of Entry (COE) – ALL travelers need to apply for a Certificate of Entry

-     Effective December 8, the Prime Minster has agreed to extend validity of COE for more 24-72 hours after the date of arrival identify in the COE. This measure is to facilitate both Thai and non-Thai passengers. In case their flight was delayed or missing their connecting flight, they can present the same COE to Thai authorities concerned at arrival port in Thailand.

-     Tourist Visa and COE Application Guide

  • ASQ booking confirmation on arrival date for 14 Days
  • Passengers must be tested at a government-accredited COVID-19 health facility: https://doh.gov.ph/licensed-covid-19-testing-laboratories
  • Affidavit of Support with stamp of approval form the Ministry of Public Health (This document is only issued in case there are accompanying persons travelling together with OR separate from the patient) (for Work Permit Holders only)
  • Passengers are subject to medical screening and quarantine
  • Please note that all non-Thai nationals must obtain medical insurance or letter from employer guaranteeing that the insurance company or employer will cover a minimum of 100,000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) of medical costs incurred by the applicant in Thailand, including medical costs in the event that applicant contracts COVID-19. (The insurance must cover the total duration of stay in Thailand.)
  • For tourists, they MUST hold onward ticket with suitable routing and must have sufficient fund to cover stay in Bangkok after quarantine
  • Transit passenger (INTERNATIONAL ONLY) requirements:

-          Fit-to-fly Certificate

-          RT-PCR test result issued no more than 72 hours before departure

-          Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected, using RT-PCR test, issued no more than 72 hours before departure

-         Medical/Travel Insurance coverage (minimum of 100,000USD) to be presented in Bangkok

-          Please note that transit/transfer passengers are not allowed to enter Thailand, except for a life-threatening emergency case only.

Required Forms

Other Requirements


-          Valid Seaman's Visa

-          Seaman's Book

-          Original Copy of the Letter of Guarantee

Other Information

  • For the latest advice, information and resources, go to:

-          https://www.moph.go.th

-          For inquiries about Thai visa: https://thaievisa.go.th

-          COE Online Registration System: https://coethailand.mfa.go.th

-          Registration Guide (VDO) for Thai nationals: https://youtu.be/E2BYPNrpVuc

-          Registration Guide for non-Thai nationals: https://youtu.be/1c1dNaXv0mM

-          ASQ / ALQ / AHQ information: www.hsscovid.com

-          COVID-19 Insurance Protection Program which its terms and conditions are covering
     requirement of Thai government: http://covid19.tgia.org

 Travel Advisory 
  •  As of December 02, 2020: 

-          Thailand maintains strict entry until December 31, 2020