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The following passengers can travel within the Philippines, subject to presentation of travel requirements of the Philippine government and the local government of your destination:

Passenger Type

Minimum Documentary Travel Requirements

Returning Overseas Filipino (ROF)

  • Returning or repatriated OFWs and other OFs
  • Identification Card
  • Travel Authority issued by JTF-CV Shield
  • Negative RT-PCR result and Certificate of Quarantine issued by DOH-BOQ

Locally Stranded Individual (LSI)

  • Foreign nationals or Filipino citizens in a specific locality within the Philippines who have expressed intention to return to their place of residence / home origin.
  • LSIs can be further classified to "workers, students, tourists, or other individuals stranded in various localities while in transit"
  • Identification Card
  • Medical Certificate issued by city/municipality

  1. LSI is neither a contact, suspect, probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, AND
  2. LSI completed 14-day quarantine, OR
  3. LSI who has been confirmed COVID-19 case already tested negative twice through RT-PCR.

  • Travel Authority issued by JTF-CV Shield / Permit to Travel

Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APOR)

  • Health and emergency frontline services personnel
  • Government officials and government frontline personnel
  • Duly authorized humanitarian assistance actors (HIAAs)
  • Persons traveling for medical or humanitarian reasons
  • Persons going to the airport for travel abroad
  • Anyone crossing the zones for permitted work or business permitted in the zone of destination, and going back home
  • OFWs and other OFs returning to their place of residences
  • Other persons transported through the efforts of the national government upon concurrence of LGUs
  • For health and emergency frontline personnel: PRC License, Official Identification Card, Hospital Identification Card, or any other proof of their occupation
  • For government officials and government frontline personnel: the Official Identification Card of their office
  • Official Identification Card or proof of occupation

Persons traveling to Philippine domestic destinations opened for tourists

  • Please check the specific requirements set by the Local Government Unit (LGU)

Please note that there may be additional requirements of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of your destination. Click the “BACK” button and select your destination.