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Do I need to pre-register before taking a domestic flight?
All passengers must pre-register via the Passenger Profile and Health Declaration (PPHD) form as early as 5 days prior to departure. Provide a valid email address to complete your registration. If you do not have an email address yet, kindly create one before proceeding. After submitting this form, a unique reference code and a link to the Passenger Profile and Health Declaration Form will be sent to your email. Please take note of your unique reference code and fill out the Passenger Profile and Health Declaration Form afterwards. Each passenger traveling in a group must accomplish the form. The information collected in this form shall be used in accordance with the law.

Where can I get an RT-PCR Test?
You may book an appointment at the PAL Testing Facility or with our PAL Laboratory & Testing Partners for discounted rates and timely release of results. You may also undergo the swab test at other licensed covid-19 testing laboratories, accredited by the Department of Health.

You can arrange for your RT-PCR Test through a testing facility at Philippine Airlines Learning Center, Manila City in partnership with our DOH-accredited partner, Detoxicare Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory. Enjoy a lower rate of PHP 3,300 exclusive for PAL ticket holders starting December 12, 2020. Testing is available via drive-thru or walk-in and is open daily (Monday-Sunday, including holidays) from 8AM to 5PM.

Must I wear a face mask and a face shield when I take a domestic flight?

      Wearing of both face shields and face masks are mandatory in compliance with Philippine Department of Transportation regulations. The directive to wear face shields and masks applies to all domestic and international flights. The shields and masks must be worn at airports (i.e. departure and arrival) and on board flights, except during meals or when instructed by the flight or cabin crew to remove the shields and/or masks. Face shields must be of good quality—clear, sturdy and with a snug fit that covers the entire face. Bring an extra supply of face shields in your carry-on baggage in case you need to replace one that has been damaged. 

 What precautionary measures are being done Inflight?
PAL’s entire fleet of aircraft will continue to undergo rigorous cabin cleaning and disinfection. All contact surfaces are wiped down using stronger disinfecting solutions. Our aircraft are equipped with filters that prevent viruses from circulating. These filters are maintained regularly. Our cabin crew wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They practice an inflight service that minimizes frequent contact.

 What should I prepare prior to my domestic flight?
Register and accomplish
the Passenger Profile and Health Declaration (PPHD) Form and save the confirmation email and QR code, as early as 5 days prior to your departure. This is a 2-step pre-registration and registration process. Click this link to register: https://bit.ly/PALDomPPHD

      Secure additional required documents, if any, from your destination’s Local Government Unit (LGU). Note that requirements may change at short notice. Please note also that some LGUs may require a negative rapid test, Antigen test, or RT-PCR test result before departure. The validity of test results may vary depending on individual LGU requirements. 

      Undergo a documentation check at the airport for check-in clearance. The documents checker will assess the completeness and validity of your documents. You may not be able to check-in and board the flight if you miss any of the requirements.