Canada Visa Waiver Program


Effective 10 November 2016, the Government of Canada’s electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) became mandatory for travellers destined to Canada.

The requirement for an eTA applies to all foreign nationals who are bearers of a Passport currently exempted from requiring a visa when flying to or transiting to Canada. However, the following non-visa requiring passport holders are exempted from securing an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA):

  1. U.S. citizens with a valid U.S. passport
  2. Travellers from Visa requiring Countries in possession of a valid Canadian visa
  3. Canadian citizens including those with dual citizenship travelling on a Canadian Passport
  4. Canadian permanent residents with a valid Canadian Permanent resident Card and Passport
  5. Accredited Diplomats. Other special/official passports require eTA unless accredited as diplomats.

  • Philippine passport holders, who are Residents of the United States holding a valid U.S. green card, are exempt from the Canadian visa requirement (whether transiting or flying to Canada) but must be in possession of an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

  • Philippine passport holders with a valid U.S. B1 / B2 visa who are travelling on Philippine Airlines’ flights to or from New York may transit without visa or eTA providing all requirements of the Transit Without Visa Program (TWOV) are met.

Below is the quick overview on how to apply for ETA taken from the Canadian Embassy website http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/eta-start.asp

Overview of the eTA application process

  1. Have your passport and credit card ready, and read the help document
  2. Use the online form to apply. The form cannot be saved so ensure the required information is ready
  3. Process the payment of $7 CAD for your eTA upon completion of the form.
  4. You should receive an email confirmation about your eTA application within 72 hours however most applications are approved within minutes


       5. You may need to submit documents before your application can be approved. If this is the case, an email will be sent with instructions

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