myPAL Travel Boost Miles Redemption

Pay Your myPAL Travel Boost with Miles ​

Miles is now accepted as a form of payment for select Philippine Airlines’ myPAL Travel Boost  for our Domestic Flights to allow more redemption opportunities for our Mabuhay Miles members.  

Redeem through any PAL Ticket Office or through our Contact Center.  For redemptions made at the Ticket Office, member is to complete the myPAL Travel Boost Redemption Form with a copy of a valid ID. 

Below are the redemption values:  


myPAL Baggage Plus for Domestic Flights Miles Requirement for the Initial Booking Rate Miles Requirement for the Post Booking Rate
Additional 10kgs baggage allowance 1,200 1,900
Additional 20kgs baggage allowance 1,600 2,500
Additional 30kgs baggage allowance 2,500 4,000
Additional 40kgs baggage allowance 3,900 5,000
Sports Equipment Fee of up to 15kgs(including Bicycle, Bowling, Fishing, Golf andScuba Diving) 3,000


myPAL Seat Select Miles Requirement in PHP Miles Requirement in USD
(redemption made within PH) (redemption made outside PH)
Extra Legroom Seat 900 1,200
Forward Seat 700 1,000
Advance Seat Reservations (Aisle seat) 500 700
myPAL Flavors (Meal Upgrade) Miles Requirement
Tagaytay Wrap 800
Salmon Croissant 1,200
Bacolod Chicken BBQ Roll 1,100
Bistro Mediterranean Chicken Wrap 700
Beef Sisig Wrap 800
Corned Beef Hoagie 700
Shrimp Pita 1,200
Seafood Cocktail Wrap 800



General Conditions 

1. Mileage redemption may be used as Form of Payment on select myPAL Travel Boost such as myPAL Baggage   Plus, myPAL Seat Select, and myPAL Flavors on all PR/2P Domestic flights starting September 15, 2023.

2. The corresponding Miles shall be deducted from the member’s Mabuhay Miles account balance at time of redemption.

3. Member must also be the passenger when Miles is used as Form of Payment for myPAL Travel Boost.

4. Redemption values are applied on a per passenger and per sector basis.

5. Requests for redemption can be completed through any PAL Ticket Office or through Contact Center.

Note: For redemptions made at the Ticket Office, member is to complete the myPAL Travel Boost Redemption Form with a copy of a valid ID.

6. Redemption must be completed based on the following:

1. myPAL Baggage Plus and myPAL Seat Select must be redeemed at least 4 hours prior to departure and     before airport check-in
2. myPAL Flavors must be redeemed at least 48 hours prior to flight departure.

7. Member shall not be charged with Rush Processing Fee when they redeem any of the myPAL Travel Boost products.

8. Applicable only for flights within the Philippines on select myPAL Travel Boost (Ancillary) products.

9. Prepaid Baggage upgrade is not allowed.

10. All redeemed ancillaries are non-refundable, and Miles may not be redeposited for voluntary changes and/or cancellations or no-show passengers. In cases of flight disruption, cancellation or irregular operation and member decides to no longer push through with his/her flight, Miles redeemed for these ancillaries may redeposited back, free of charge.

11. For involuntary flight rebooking, the ancillary paid with Miles may be carried over to the new flight.

12. 12% VAT will be collected for redemptions made within the Philippines

13. May be redeemed in conjunction with a revenue or an award ticket.

14.Terms and Conditions of myPAL Baggage Plus, myPAL Seat Select, and myPAL Flavors shall apply.

15.Terms and Conditions of Mabuhay Miles on Award Redemption shall apply.



1. Can I redeem my Miles for other passengers?
No, Miles may only be redeemed for the member’s own ancillary services.

2. Can I purchase my ticket and redeem my ancillary at the same time through the website?
No, but redemption of Miles for ancillary services can be processed by calling the Hotline or at any Philippine Airlines Ticket office. Stay tuned for announcement on online redemption for ancillaries.

3. How will I know if the initial booking rate or post-booking rate applies to my redemption?
The initial booking rate applies for redemptions made within the same day as the ticket issuance. Otherwise, Miles deduction will be based on the Post Booking Rate.

4. I would like to redeem Miles for forward seat on my Manila to Vancouver. Can I do that?
Redemption of Miles is applicable for flights within the Philippines for now on select PAL Ancillary products.

5. I have decided to cancel my flight for personal reasons, will my Miles be credited back to my account?
All redeemed ancillaries are non-refundable except in cases of flight disruption, cancellation, or irregular operations.

6. Will the redeemed additional baggage allowance be carried over to my rebooked flight?

7. Can I pay for the 12% VAT using credit card?
Yes; another acceptable form of payment is Cash. Agent Pay is not accepted.

8. I redeemed an award ticket and would like to also use my Miles for Prepaid baggage / Sports equipment/ myPAL Seat Select/ MyPAL Flavors. How do I request that?
Regardless of the channel where the award ticket was issued, redemption of Miles for ancillary services will only be processed through the hotline or at any Philippine Airlines Ticket office.

9. I originally redeemed for additional 10 kgs for Prepaid Baggage. Can I redeem again before the flight for an additional 10 kgs?
No. You can only redeem or purchase one (1) myPAL Travel Boost Product type per sector/flight. However, in one sector/flight, you can redeem and/or purchase a combination of different myTravel Boost Products. For example, you can redeem and/or purchase myPAL Baggage Plus and redeem and/or purchase myPAL Flavors in one sector/flight.

CAB CASE NO.: EP23-2889E-AORD-092023-1084
CAB Approval No.:0904-09-06-s.2023