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Convert your Mabuhay Miles to SMAC Points.  

Conversion of Mabuhay Miles to SMAC Points – CALL, CONVERT & SHOP


Points Conversion
Mabuhay Miles SMAC Points
Mabuhay Miles to SMAC Points 500 Mabuhay Miles
50 SMAC Points



How to convert:

1. Login using your Mabuhay Miles credentials (Mabuhay Miles ID Number or registered email address and password) in the redemption site

2. In the Redemption form, fill-out all the fields: 

Miles to redeem (in numbers or via slider)
Promo Code (if any, click apply)
Loyalty Partner ID Number (e.g. SMAC number) then click enter

3. Review inputted details in the summary page.

4. Enter OTP sent to your registered email address.  OTP is only valid for 10 minutes.

5. Successful message will display, and SMAC points will be credited in real-time to your SMAC accounts.


Terms and Conditions

1. Only Valid Mabuhay Miles account number and SMAC account number will be eligible to convert Mabuhay Miles to SMAC  Points.

2. Only blocks of 500 Mabuhay Miles can be converted to SMAC Points



Who is eligible to participate?
Here are the eligibility criteria for participation:

You are a Mabuhay Miles member with a valid Mabuhay Miles account number.
You have a minimum 500 Mabuhay Miles in your account.

What is the minimum Mabuhay Miles I can convert?
The minimum Mabuhay Miles is 500.

Is there a maximum Mabuhay Miles I can convert to SMAC Points?

Maximum number of Mabuhay Miles that can be converted is 100,000 per member annually.

When will the Miles be transferred to my SMAC Points account?
For online redemption, Mabuhay Miles is credited in points to SMAC account real-time.
For manual redemption, Mabuhay Miles will be credited in points to SMAC account within 5-7 days.

Will my SMAC Points expire?
Yes. SMAC Points expire if your account is not renewed within 3 months from its validity date.

Can the Miles converted be transferred to another person who has a SMAC Points account?

Can SMAC Points converted to Mabuhay Miles be transferred to another person who has a Mabuhay Miles membership?