Fuel Surcharge for travel originating SOUTH KOREA

Philippine Airlines will be collecting fuel surcharge  per flight coupon/passenger, for travel originating South Korea on all PR tickets issued and re-issued on/after 01 August 2022, as follows:


Per Coupon / Per Passenger (in KRW)

Busan / Seoul – Philippines

KRW 112,100

Busan / Seoul - All other destinations

KRW 224,200


1. Applied per PR flight sector/segment.

2. Collected at point of sale and at time of ticket issuance.

3. Converted to other currencies using the applicable IATA Rate of Exchange (IROE) at time of transaction.

4. Assessed for ticket re-issuances of totally unused tickets, where applicable surcharge was not collected.

5. Applied on all passengers regardless of class of travel, fare type, and category of passenger.  


–     Infant without seat.