Sports Equipment Fee

Avail of additional sports baggage on top of your free baggage allowance.


PHP (Inclusive of 12% vat) USD Rate
1,120.00 25.00


  1. Maximum of 15kgs can be purchased per person per way
  2. Eligible sports equipment are: Golf Clubs, Diving/Scuba Equipment (except oxygen tank), Surfboards/Surfing Equipment (not windsurfing)/Wakeboards, Bicycles, Fishing Equipment, Bowling Balls
  • Sports Equipment Fee is available on all domestic flights except Basco and Busuanga.
  • Sport Equipment Fee can be sold to passenger between the time of booking up to four (4) hours prior to the published Estimated Time of Departure. If a passenger has checked-in prior to the four (4) hours cut-off time, he/she shall no longer avail of the Sports Equipment.
  • Passenger can purchase 15kgs sports equipment per flight. If the actual weight of the sports equipment upon check-in is less than 15kgs, the difference will be automatically forfeited. If the actual weight of the sports equipment exceeds 15kgs, applicable chargeable weight either volume or actual weight, whichever is higher, will be charged to the passenger.
  • Sports equipment can be availed on top of the Prepaid Baggage product.
  • Sports Equipment will be weighed separately from other checked-in baggage of passenger.
  • The following are the eligible Sports Equipment covered in this service with corresponding packaging requirements:


a. Golf Clubs - The external container of the clubs must be sturdy designed for shipping.
b. Diving/Scuba Equipment (except oxygen tank) - All items must be secured in a sturdy container designed for shipping. Scuba tanks and flares are not allowed. Spear guns must be unloaded with the spear packed separately.
c. Surfboards/Surfing equipment (not windsurfing)/ Wakeboards - The outer container must be strong enough as protection against dents and untoward scratches.
d. Bicycles - Tires must be deflated. Its lamps, mirrors and pedals must be removed. All other parts of the bicycle must be packed in a way they are positioned in the same direction of the main frame.
e. Fishing Equipment -  Its main part should be retractable and must be packed in a sturdy container.
f. Bowling Balls – Philippine Airlines accept 2 bowling balls and 1 pair of bowling shoes placed securely in a bowling bag.


  • Sports Equipment fee is non-refundable, non rebookable and non transferable. However, in cases of flight  disruption/cancellation or irregular operation and the passenger decides not to push  through with his/her flight, Sports Equipment fee will be refunded in full. Normal refund procedure shall apply.
  • Check-in of Sports Equipment is still subject to the Airline’s Terms and Conditions for Checked Baggage.
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