NO-SHOW Downline Cancellation

What is “No-Show Downline” Cancellation? 

Tickets should be used in sequence as stated in the Conditions of Carriage that governs the terms of your ticket. If you do not show up for a flight (your “Missed Flight”) that has connecting and/or returning flights, these onward or return flights will be automatically cancelled.  

As such, the “No-Show Downline” Cancellation is an automatic cancellation of your return or onward booking once the Missed Flight is tagged as “Non-User” or “No-Show” at the airport.  

How will I avoid the No-Show Downline cancellation?  

If your travel plans have changed, whether it is affected by travel rules or you will not take the flight voluntarily, you must advise us at least 24 hours before your initial departure through the following channels: 

  • PAL Ticket office; and
  • PAL Reservations hotline (632) 8855-8888

        US/CANADA TOLLFREE HOTLINES: 1-800-I-FLY-PAL OR 1-800-435-9725 
3:00AM – 6:00PM (Hawaii Time), 5:00 AM – 8:00PM (Pacific Time), 8:00 AM – 11:00 pm (Eastern Time) 

Failure to advise PAL at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure time for a flight that you will not take shall result to an automatic No-Show Downline Cancellation. 

Where can I find the No-Show Downline Cancellation in PAL’s Conditions of Carriage? 

You may find the No-Show downline cancellation (or Required In-Sequence Use of Ticket Coupons Policy) in the following articles of the PAL’s Condition of Carriage 

  • Article 3 Tickets, Section no 4 Coupon Sequence; and
  • Article 5 Reservations, Section no 6 Cancellation of Reservations


What if I still want to take my return or onward flights that have been cancelled? 

Your onward and/or return flight reservations will be automatically cancelled, but your ticket will remain valid. 
You may request that your cancelled return or onward flight be reinstated or rebooked. However, this is now subject to available seats and fees. 

Can I be charged a Change fee and/or for payment of fare difference if I want to reinstate or still take the cancelled onward and/or returning flights?   

Yes. Unfortunately, once your onward and/or return bookings are cancelled due to Non-User/No-Show, Change fee and/or fare difference may now apply following the available booking class as we reaccommodate you on your preferred flight or the nearest flight available. 

Will my ticket still be valid once I do not show up on my flight? 

Yes. The No-Show Downline Cancellation will only cancel your booking reservations. Your ticket is still valid and can be rebooked, converted to Travel Credits, or refunded, depending on the fare conditions of your ticket. 

What will happen to my paid Travel Extras on my cancelled booking(s)? 

The existing Travel Extras conditions will apply. 
We can have your Travel Extras rebooked or reinstated for your onward and/or return flights if they are rebookable. Non-rebookable Travel Extras, on the other hand, will be forfeited automatically. 

If the flight is delayed will this affect my onward booking? 

No. Your onward and/or returning flights will not be cancelled if the prior flight is delayed