PAL Mobile Site

PAL mobile is a browser-based Internet service for flight booking, ancillary shopping, airport check-in and flight status.  It can be accessed using handheld mobile device such as smartphone or tablet.


How can I access PAL Mobile Site?

PAL mobile can be accessed through www.philippineairlines.com using a mobile browser that supports WebKit engine like Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Customers are encouraged to update their browser to the latest version.


PAL mobile requires mobile internet or other wireless network to connect to the service. Smart/TNT and SUN prepaid and postpaid subscribers who do not have data plan can access PAL mobile for free.  Other mobile network providers may apply internet charges.


* PHP 1.00 load required to access the service.


How do I know that my payment and personal information is safe?

PAL Mobile Site transactions are protected using TLS encryption before sending your payment and personal information over the Internet. In order to seamlessly and securely process credit card payment, customers must ensure their browser supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, version 1.0 or higher. 


What are the flights and type of journey can I book in PAL Mobile Site?

You can book one-way or roundtrip domestic and international flights including US and Canada.


What is the mode of payment in PAL Mobile Site?

You can purchase tickets using MasterCard and Visa credit/debit card.  Other card brands will be accepted soon.


Can I retrieve bookings purchased from other channels in PAL mobile?

Only bookings created via www.philippineairlines.com can be retrieved using PAL mobile at this time.


Can I purchase prepaid baggage through PAL mobile?

Yes. You can purchase prepaid baggage in booking flow.


Can I purchase prepaid seat through PAL mobile?

Yes. You can purchase prepaid seat in booking flow.


Can I purchase travel insurance through PAL mobile?

Yes. You can purchase travel insurance in booking flow.


Is PAL mobile available for download as an Android, iOS or Windows app?
Downloadable myPAL is initially available on Android mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. Supported Android versions are Jellybean4.1 and up. myPAL will be available for iOS and Windows mobile devices soon.