Travel Advisory


09 6 2020

Advisory #69 

We are excited to finally be allowed to restart regular commercial flights to serve you after a 2-month pause.  We understand the essential and frequently personal nature of the trips our passengers want to take during this time, and we want to provide a safe and reliable travel experience.  Our crews and our fleet are ready to fly you to your destination.

However, despite PAL's best efforts, evolving national and provincial government restrictions and limitations designed to protect all citizens have required frequent changes and resulting cancellations of our flights.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we make these difficult but necessary cancellations.

International: For the current month of June and until further notice, international commercial arrivals are still limited by the IATF to a maximum of 600 passengers per day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at Manila's NAIA airport.  These limits need to be shared across the 3 Filipino and 22 foreign airlines that fly into the Philippines.  (IATF - Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases)

Domestic: On domestic travel, various local government requirements have been put in place that require all airlines to coordinate their schedules based on the specific needs of each province.  

Overall, these limits and requirements can change on a day to day basis depending on circumstances as well as the community quarantine situation.


Domestic Travel:
PAL's ground teams have been in constant communication with local government units (LGUs) to reflect their requirements and preferred flight frequencies.  We expect to see a marked improvement in the reliability of our domestic schedules in the coming weeks, as more and more LGUs open their borders to travelers and fine tune requirements.

International Travel (Arrivals):
PAL has been working closely with the IATF, other regulatory bodies and airport authorities to find solutions to increase arrival capacities. These include:

• Accreditation and acceptance of PCR testing done prior to departure from foreign countries (For instance, to allow US-based travelers to be tested in the US before departure, and accept only those with COVID-negative results for travel on PAL flights).
• Rerouting flights to other IATF-approved airports such as Mactan Cebu International Airport and Clark International Airport, where more testing (results available in 24-48 hours) and quarantine facilities are available.  In these situations, PAL will arrange for transfer to NAIA for passengers that receive negative test results.
• Coordinating for approval of outside-DOH accredited testing companies to augment NAIA testing capacity.

Efforts by PAL together with our government officials will lead to more stable and frequent schedules.  We are also hopeful that these actions will increase capacity to allow more of our fellow Filipinos to come back to the country. 

We sincerely apologize to our passengers and their families. Like you, we want to fly again, to fly more, and -- always -- to fly safely. We join the authorities and our service partners in keeping your health and safety at the top of our concerns.  Thank you for bearing with us.

This is our promise:  
We will continue working closely with the authorities, to try and save as many scheduled flights, to secure more certainty and avoid last-minute changes, and to keep exploring alternative solutions to serve our passengers better.  

Please keep checking daily our social media accounts or our website www.philippineairlines.com to stay updated on schedule changes and other developments.  Please also check the specific LGU and IATF websites for updates.

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