Travel Advisory


24 1 2021


As of 23 January 2021 06:00 PM


Attention: Passengers departing from:

  • Riyadh (PR 5655) on January 25, 29 and 30
  • Dammam (PR 5683) on January 23 and 26
  • Doha (PR 685) on January 28


The following PAL flights will be re-routed to land in CEBU (Mactan Cebu International Airport – CEB) instead of in Manila, because of quarantine processing limitations at Manila airport. The rerouting to CEBU is necessary to avoid a full cancellation of your flight. More details:


• PR 5655 departing Riyadh (RUH) on January 25

-- will operate as Riyadh-Cebu, after midnight on Jan. 26:

-- Departure time from RUH: 12:55 AM (January 26)

-- Arrival time in CEB: 05:00 PM – January 26


• PR 5655 departing Riyadh (RUH) on January 29 and 30

-- will operate as Riyadh-Cebu

-- Departure time from RUH: 07:10 PM

-- Arrival time in CEB: 11:15 AM – January 30 and 31 respectively


• PR 5683 departing Dammam (DMM) on January 23

-- will operate as Dammam-Cebu

-- Departure time from DMM: 05:10 PM

-- Arrival time in CEB: 08:15 AM next day – January 24


• PR 5683 departing Dammam (DMM) on January 26

-- will operate as Dammam-Cebu

-- Departure time from DMM: 07:25 PM

-- Arrival time in CEB: 11:00 AM next day – January 27


• PR 685 departing Doha (DOH) on January 28

-- will operate as Doha-Cebu

-- Departure time from DOH: 09:45 PM

-- Arrival time in CEB: 01:00 PM next day – January 29



You will undergo the required COVID testing in Cebu rather than in Manila, and quarantine at a Cebu hotel accredited by the Philippine health and tourism authorities.

You are required to register to Mactan Cebu International Airport's Portal as early as 5 days before departure at https://bit.ly/CEBRegForm or  https://mactancebuairport.com/covid-19-registration (both links lead to the same portal)

The required RT-PCR test in Cebu is PHP 4,900.  Except for OFWs, travelers must shoulder the testing fees and the cost for accommodations and transfers.  (For OFWs, these costs will be borne by the government.)

If your PAL ticket has Manila or another PH domestic destination as your final point of arrival, you may take a PAL flight to said final destination free of charge once your quarantine period is completed and your RT-PCR tests show negative results. You will need to pay an additional PHP 345 for the Cebu airport Terminal Fee. Please see #14 of arrival guide https://bit.ly/PALTravelstoPH- CEB 

If your PAL ticket originally showed Cebu as the final point of arrival, you will end your travel in Cebu (the unused Manila-Cebu leg will not be refundable).


Please book your Cebu hotel accommodation prior to your departure. You may choose from this list of accredited hotels. For the updated list, please click on this link - https://bit.ly/3ivbsBx


We suggest that you book your hotel for at least two (2) nights, in line with the expected 24 to 48 hours processing time to receive the COVID test results.

Please show a copy of your hotel reservation as you check in for your PAL flight to the Philippines.


This new option to land in Cebu is one solution (to the quarantine arrival limitations) that we have worked out with airport and health authorities, so that we can serve the thousands of travelers who have urgent and essential reasons to travel home to the Philippines.

Our aircraft and our crew are ready to fly you home, and we will do what we can to make this possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this challenging time.

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