Travel Advisory


16 3 2020

PAL Advisory #36
PHL Local Time: 17 March 2020

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the health authorities of the following countries have added strict new requirements for entry of travelers: 


Effective MARCH 16, 2020 at 11:59PM, all travelers from the Philippines and other ASEAN countries will be given a stay-home notice (self-quarantine) for 14 days upon arrival. This applies to Singapore residents, long-term pass holders and short-term visitors. 

All passengers of all nationalities, except for returning Malaysian residents,  are not allowed to enter Malaysia from MARCH 18 to 31, 2020. Returning Malaysian residents are advised to go through health checks and to complete a self-isolation period (self-quarantine) for 14 days upon arrival.

All nationalities (except Canadian citizens, their immediate family members, permanent residents and American citizens) will not be allowed to enter Canada starting from March 18, 2020 at 12:01 AM EDT (12:01 PM Philippine time). Canadian citizens, permanent residents and American citizens will be advised to self-isolate (self quarantine) upon arrival after undergoing enhanced health screening at the border control.  They may enter only through four gateways, namely the airports of Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal.

All passengers traveling from ASEAN countries (e.g. the Philippines) will be required to undergo 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Vietnam.

Please refer to our Travel Advisory #33 for updated requirements of AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. 

We are posting this information to aid our passengers, but this is not meant to be a complete or comprehensive guide of the rules imposed by all government authorities.. Please note that these requirements and regulations are subject to change at any time by the respective government authorities.  

It is recommended that you always check directly with government websites and official information sources for the latest updates and more complete information.

Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation.

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