Travel Advisory

Special Notice

13 3 2020

PAL Advisory #24
PHL Local Time: March 14, 2020

For the convenience of all passengers and in line with the directives of the Civil Aeronautics Board:

If your flight was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation, we cordially request you to defer any requests for refunds/rebooking and rerouting until after 14 April 2020 (the end of the mandated Metro Manila community quarantine period). Airlines are experiencing challenges in managing the sheer volume of requests caused by the huge and unprecedented number of flight cancellations related to COVID-19. It is important to avoid crowds and congestion around public areas at the airport and in airline offices, hence the need to practice social distancing as preventive measures against COVID 19.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your kind cooperation during this very challenging time.

For a list of the COVID-related flight cancellations so far, please refer to our other Advisories:

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