Prepaid Baggage

Prepaid Baggage

What is Prepaid Baggage?
  •  Prepaid Baggage is a special service offered by Philippine Airlines (PAL) allowing passengers to carry more than the free baggage allowance by paying extra.


How do I avail of this service and what are the rates?
  •  Prepaid baggage can be sold to passenger between the time of booking up to four (4) hours prior to the published Estimated Time of Departure through PAL Ticket Offices, Call Center, Travel Agents and Online Booking.
  •  If a passenger has checked-in prior to the four (4) hours cut-off time, he/she shall no longer avail of the prepaid baggage.


Rates for Domestic:




(Inc. of VAT)


Flights utilizing Q400 / A320 / A321 and Wide-body aircraft 


PHP 250



PHP 500

USD 12


PHP 750

USD 18


PHP 999

USD 24


PHP 1,250

USD 30


PHP 1,500

USD 36


PHP 1,750

USD 42


PHP 2,000

USD 48


1. Maximum of 10kg can be availed by passengers travelling to/from Naga, Calbayog and Catarman

2. Not available for flights to/from Basco, Busuanga and Surigao

3. Local currency equivalent is available for purchase outside the Philippines

Rates for Regional / International Flights in blocks of 5kgs:


Rate per Sector


Rate per Sector

(Local Currency)

Manila – Xiamen or v.v.

USD 16

CNY 110

Manila – Jinjiang or v.v.

Manila – Canton or v.v.

Manila – Singapore or v.v.

USD 24

SGD 34

Manila – Taipei or v.v.

TWD 800

Manila – Bangkok or v.v.

USD 28

THB 1,000

Manila – Saigon or v.v.

USD 28

Manila – Hong Kong or v.v.

 HKD 220

Manila – Macau or v.v.

 MOP 150

Manila – Beijing or v.v.

USD 32

CNY 210

Manila – Shanghai or v.v.

Cebu / Kalibo – Chengdu or v.v.

Manila – Denpasar or v.v.

IDR 428,000

Manila – Jakarta or v.v.

Manila – Kuala Lumpur

MYR 142

Manila – Port Moresby or v.v.

USD 44

PGK 132

Manila – Darwin or v.v.

AUD 62

Manila – Melbourne or v.v.

USD 72

AUD 88

Manila – Sydney or v.v.

Manila – Brisbane or v.v.

Manila – Cairns or v.v.

Manila – Auckland or v.v.

NZD 110

Note: Maximum of 40kgs can be availed per passenger per sector.

Rates for International Flights per piece:



1ST Prepaid Bag


 1ST  Prepaid Bag

(Local Currency)

2nd Prepaid Bag


2ND Prepaid Bag

(Local Currency)

Manila – Abu Dhabi or v.v.

  USD 50

 AED 190

USD 80

AED 300

Manila – Dubai or v.v.

 AED 190

AED 300

Manila – Dammam or v.v.

 SAR 190

SAR 300

Manila – Riyadh or v.v.

 SAR 190

SAR 300

Manila – Jeddah or v.v.

 SAR 190

SAR 300

Manila – Doha or v.v.

 QAR 190

 QAR 300

Manila – Kuwait or v.v.

 KWD 15

KWD 24

Manila – Osaka / Narita / Nagoya / Fukuoka / Haneda or v.v.

 USD 100

 JPY 10,000

USD 100

JPY 10,000

Manila – New York / Los Angeles / San Francisco / Honolulu / Guam or v.v.

 USD 150

 USD 150

USD 150

USD 150

Manila – Toronto / Vancouver or v.v.

 USD 150

 CAD 175

USD 150

CAD 175

Manila – London or v.v.

USD 150 

   GBP 105 

 USD 150

GBP 105

Note: Total of 23kgs per piece.

Is prepaid baggage refundable?

  •  If a passenger voluntarily cancels his/her flight, prepaid baggage fee will not be refunded.
  •  If flight was cancelled by the airline and passenger decides to take the alternate flight offered by the airline, his/her prepaid baggage allowance will be accommodated to his/her alternate flight. Should a passenger decide not to take the alternate flight, payment for the prepaid baggage will be refunded in full. 


Is prepaid baggage rebookable?
  •  If a passenger wish to rebook the date of his/her flight on the same sector, previously issued prepaid baggage may be carried over to the new flight. Changes must be done at least four (4) hours prior the scheduled Estimated Time of Departure at any PAL Ticket Office.


Is prepaid baggage reroutable?
  •  If a passenger voluntarily reroute his flight booking, prepaid baggage will be forfeited.
  •  If flight was rerouted by the airline, the prepaid baggage of the passenger will be transferred to the new flight. 


What if the actual weight of the baggage I checked-in exceeds/lesser than the prepaid baggage I purchased?
  • If the actual weight of the baggage upon check-in is lesser than the prepaid baggage paid, refund on the unused portion is not permitted.  If the actual weight of the baggage exceeds the prepaid baggage paid, standard excess baggage rate shall apply on the weight difference.


What if I purchased 40kgs of prepaid baggage, can I pack it in one bag?
  •  For health and safety reasons, PAL does not accept any individual item for check-in exceeding 32kgs and with combined dimensions of more than 81cm height, 119cm wide and 119cm depth.  This weight limit does not apply to mobility equipment. Should you have 40kgs or more than check-in baggage, we recommend that you pack it to at least 2 separate, bags each bag not exceeding 32kgs. 
  • Operational restrictions may limit the baggage allowance a passenger can purchase for safety reasons.  If the prepaid baggage cannot be accepted because of space limitation, it will be loaded to the next available flight with the same origin and destination in accordance with the airline's policies and procedures. 


Can I purchase multiple prepaid baggage in one sector?
  •  Passenger may purchase more than one prepaid baggage per sector provided the weight is within the maximum required limit of 40kgs.


NOTE: Prepaid Baggage is subject to Airline’s Terms and Conditions of Checked Baggage