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Take your flying experience to the next level when you upgrade to Business Class.

Bid your way to Business Class and relax in your own personal space with bigger legroom, increased baggage allowance and sumptuous inflight meal options. Plus, enjoy next level entertainment, exclusive access to the Mabuhay/ VIP Lounge and priority
check-in and boarding.

Experience the luxury of flying Business Class at the price that you’re comfortable with! You’ll only be charged if your bid has been successful. 

Easily upgrade to Business Class in 4 steps! 

Bid now and experience the luxury of flying Business Class: 

  • Dedicated check-in and priority boarding
  • Exclusive access to Mabuhay/ VIP Lounge
  • Luxurious seats adjustable to your level of comfort¹
  • Additional baggage allowance. Click here to read through Free Baggage Allowance
  • Sumptuous selection of Western, Asian or Filipino dishes

¹Flatbed seats are available on select aircraft only.
Terms and conditions apply. 

Terms and Conditions

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