Choice Seats Neighbor-Free

What is Choice Seats Neighbor-Free? 
Choice Seats Neighbor-Free gives passengers a more comfortable Economy Class experience by having the seat/s next to them neighbor-free all throughout the flight.

Who can avail a Choice Seats Neighbor-Free? 

Choice Seats Neighbor-Free is available to passengers with confirmed Economy Class tickets provided there are no pre-arranged service requests, such as but not limited to medical and wheelchair assistance, unaccompanied minor, etc..

How much do I have to pay for Choice Seats Neighbor-Free? 

Rates vary per sector and destination. Please refer to the Rates section above. 

How can I avail of Choice Seats Neighbor-Free? 

Easily purchase Choice Seats Neighbor-Free within 24 hours before your flight through an email invite that will be sent to the email address indicated in your flight booking. 

What are the acceptable forms of payment? 

The acceptable form of payment is only credit card – Visa, Mastercard, and JCB and American Express in select routes. The amount will be charged upon confirmation of the extra seat.

Can I purchase Choice Seats Neighbor-Free at the Airport? 
No, Choice Seats Neighbor-Free is only available online within 24 hours before flight departure.

How many extra seats can be reserved per passenger? 

A qualified passenger may avail up to a maximum of three Choice Seats Neighbor-Free depending on the aircraft assigned for the flight.  

Will I get to choose my seat upon purchase of Choice Seats Neighbor-Free? 

The passenger may select the Choice Seats Neighbor-Free adjacent to their assigned seats. Please note that changing of seat assignments will not be allowed once the purchase is confirmed.

Will I be seated together with my traveling companion if I availed Choice Seats Neighbor-Free? 

Travelling companions who availed of Choice Seats Neighbor-Free will be seated together provided they are booked in one booking reference and depending on seat availability.

How will I know that my request for Choice Seats Neighbor-Free is confirmed? 

After purchasing Choice Seats Neighbor-Free, you will receive an email confirmation indicating your flight date, flight origin and destination, number of seats purchased, assigned seats, and total amount charged. Guaranteed seating will be reconfirmed upon check-in at the airport and boarding the aircraft. 

Is Choice Seats Neighbor-Free guaranteed? 

Certain unavoidable circumstances such as but not limited to aircraft change, flight schedule or instances due to safety, security, and operational concerns may require us to change your seat. The guarantee of your Choice Seats Neighbor-Free will be reconfirmed during boarding. In an unlikely event that extra seat assigned to you is not provided, a full refund will automatically be processed to your credit card after your flight. 

Are there additional benefits that comes with Choice Seats Neighbor-Free? 

Purchase of a Choice Seats Neighbor-Free only guarantees the comfort of having vacant seats adjacent to your seat for a more comfortable Economy Class experience. 

Can I cancel the Choice Seats Neighbor-Free once confirmed? 

Voluntary rebooking or cancelation will forfeit the Choice Seats Neighbor-Free and no refund will be issued. 

Refunds are issued in the event of irregular operations, including, but not limited to, flight cancellations, aircraft change due to safety, security, or operational reasons.

Can I still purchase Choice Seats Neighbor-Free on my next flight? 

Yes, you may avail of Choice Seats Neighbor-Free on your next flight, following the same terms and conditions.